2017 true sex story: Bahamas Vacation – Chapter 5

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2017 true sex story: Bahamas Vacation – Chapter 5
True Story, Black, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Male/Female
I had travelled to,the Bahamas after my fiancee’s death, on what was to have been our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon at the hotel and we have spent several days and nights together. We have been asked to dinner by one of Cinnamon’s friends.
Bahamas Vacation (5)
(Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee’s, Debby’s, death. We had planned to be here, Nassau, Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, when I checked in. We have spent the last three nights together. She had 2 days off. yesterday she was my tour guide in Nassau. Today we went fishing which she arranged with the husband of one of her co-workers. Her coworker and husband, our fishing guide, invited us over for supper.)
A little after 6 we got into Cinnamon’s car and drove away. We turned on a narrow road that went over a big hill. I cringed each time we passed a car going the other direction, because there were walls on each side and barely enough room for two cars. After we got down the other side of the hill, Cinnamon turned right and drove to near the end of a dead end street. She parked across the street from a house with dark green trim and lighter green stucco walls. We got out and walked across the street, a cement patio, and up a few steps to the porch. The smell of freshly baked bread was in the air. Cinnamon knocked on the door.
“Come on in,” a female voice came from deep inside the house.
We stepped in and Cinnamon called, “Hi, Holly!”
“Come straight back,” Holly said. “Robert will be back in shortly.”
We walked past a living room on the right, some bedrooms and a bathroom on the left. When we entered the dining room Holly came out from the kitchen. Holly was a tall, thin woman with sparkling eyes and a warm, welcoming smile.
“Take a seat. Everything’s ready. Robert is picking a few limes in the back,” Holly said looking at Cinnamon just before the back door slammed shut.
“Hello again,” said Robert. “Glad you could come.”
Holly went into the kitchen. Robert followed. They quickly returned with the meal. In one pan were the tails of the 4 crawfish, spiny lobsters, Robert had caught in the fish trap that afternoon. In another pan were several fried fish. There was a bowl of peas and rice and another bowl with what I soon learned was conch salad. Holly went back into the kitchen and returned with a loaf of bread. It still smelled fresh baked.
“The fish and crawfish were all caught by you today,” Holly said. “As fresh as you can get.”
We each took one of the crawfish.
Robert pointed at the fried fish with his fork said, “These are grunts, these are yellowtail, and these are pieces of the trigger fish.”
“Cinnamon, do you want to split a grunt and a yellowtail?” I asked.
She nodded her agreement. I took one, she took the other, each cut ours in half and shared. Everyone took some of the other dishes.
“Try putting a little lime on your fish,” Holly suggested passing the small bowl of cut limes to the side of the table Cinnamon and I were sitting.
I noticed that Holly would make eye contact with Cinnamon, but not me. If our eyes happened to meet Holly would immediately look somewhere else. I took it for shyness on her part because I was a stranger. I also began to notice that Cinnamon was acting a little nervous. She dropped her fork on the table a few times.
“Be careful of eating the part near the stomach portion of the fish,” Robert warned. “There are many small rib bones there.”
The fish was wonderful with just a bit of lime. The crawfish tail was also excellent with whatever seasoning Holly had used. The fresh bread was heavenly, it was still warm and very substantial. The peas, black-eyed peas, and rice was good. The conch salad was good also. It was flavored well, but the conch was a little chewy for my liking. During the meal we had a good conversation, but I sensed a nervousness or tension from all 3 of them. Also during the meal I heard a humming and at times grinding noise coming through the kitchen, but from outside the house. Maybe a neighbor was doing something outside.
“This is a pretty big house for the 2 of you,” I said.
“It used to be my parents house,” Robert said. “They are gone now. I grew up here with 2 sisters and a brother. My sisters got married to men from another of the islands. My brother got married and moved to another island to work in his wife’s family business. Just left the 2 of us here.”
The humming sound from outside intensified then ground to a stop. Robert got up, excused himself, and went through the kitchen out the back door. A few minutes later he came back in and sat down. We finished the meal.
“I’ll get dessert,” said Robert.
“I’ll help,” said Holly.
They left. We heard dishes and silverware. They came back each carrying 2 dishes of ice cream. They gave us each a dish and sat down. I tasted my ice cream. The ice cream was homemade and tasted very good.
“What flavor is this? I’ve never tasted this flavor before,” I said.
“It’s jelly coconut,” Holly responded, the first time she had spoken directly to me.
She looked away immediately. She looked at Cinnamon and Robert, then looked down. Cinnamon and Robert looked at her, then each other with a knowing expression. We finished our ice cream.
“Cinnamon and I will wash the dishes. Robert, you and Andy go out on the porch and talk,” Holly said without looking at me.
Cinnamon and Holly started gathering the dishes. Robert got up and motioned for me to follow. We walked out to the porch and sat down. Neither of us said anything for several minutes. I sensed Robert had something he wished to say.
“Thanks again for taking us fishing and for having us over for dinner,” I said.
“Glad to do it,” said Robert. “It’s nice to have other people around the house. It seems so empty at times.” After a short pause he continued, “Holly and I want to have children, but apparently I can’t. Something wrong with my sperm.”
There was sadness in his voice.
“We asked the doctor about artificial insemination, but it was too expensive. We looked into adoption, but it also was too expensive,” he explained. He again paused. “Holly and I have talked about other options.”
I wondered about what other options there might be.
Hesitantly Robert said, “We thought about asking one of our friends to have sex with Holly. However that might create problems in the future. Holly would see them around and feel guilty. And you know parental rights and such. We also want to keep this a secret. No one but Holly, myself, and the doctor know my issue. She could have sex with a stranger, but the thought of that made her feel like she would be a prostitute and there is the issue of disease.”
“There doesn’t seem leave any good options,” I said.
“Well, there might be one,” he said. “Would you be willing to try to get Holly pregnant?”
I was stunned and shocked with the abruptness of the question.
Robert explained his reasoning, “You wouldn’t be around to raise issues. She wouldn’t see you around. We would know who the father is if necessary. You are not just some random person, so Holly thinks she would be ok with this. Also I trust you would not tell anyone what happened.”
“I … I would need time to think about this,” I replied. “You know there would be no guarantee of pregnancy. Are you sure you would be fine with me having sex with your wife? Would she really be ok with that?”
“Holly said she would fine with this. She really wants a baby. It’s tearing her apart not to be able to have one. I hear the sadness in her voice. I see the pain in her eyes. I love my wife and I would do anything for her!” Robert replied.
“I understand,” I said. “I would need at least the night to think it over?”
“Certainly! I know it is an unusual and unexpected request,” Robert said. “I’ll have Cinnamon come out. It would be awkward if you came in. Holly has spoken to Cinnamon about this, so you can talk to her if you wish.”
Robert went back in. I realized now why Holly was acting the way she was. And why Cinnamon and Robert were nervous. Soon Cinnamon came out. We walked to the car in silence. I opened her door for her and shut it after she got in. I was still somewhat in shock about the request. I walked around to the passenger side. Do I talk to Cinnamon about this? I had only known her for a few days. I got in the car and we drove off. We didn’t speak for several minutes.
Finally Cinnamon said, “Is it all right if we go back to my apartment. We can talk there if you wish.”
We were silent during remainder of the ride. When we arrived we walked up to her apartment in silence. She fed Char, her cat, then we sat at her dining room table.
“What did Holly tell you?” I asked to get things started. “What did you know before tonight?”
“I know this was an unexpected request,” Cinnamon said. “I knew that Holly and Robert were looking for ways to have a baby. I didn’t know that they were going to ask you to try to be the father until Holly spoke to me after you and Robert went outside.”
“I don’t know how to process this,” I explained. “A man, a virtual stranger, asked me to have sex with his wife, another stranger. Now I am talking about it with you, someone I met 3 days ago. Someone for whom I am developing strong feelings.”
“I am developing strong feelings for you too,” Cinnamon said.
“Do you think I should do this? What would you think of me if I said yes?” I asked.
“Wow! You get right to it,” Cinnamon said. “I’ll answer your second question first. If you are going to do this just as a direct sperm donor to help them in this situation, I approve. If you are just looking for a way to have sex with someone, I disapprove. I would definitely think less of you for the latter decision.”
“Well, I wouldn’t do this just to have sex with someone,” I said. “That would be a very despicable thing to do. Do you think I should do this?”
“First, I can’t make this decision for you,” Cinnamon answered. “If it was me my first reaction would be to say no. This is definitely not a normal request. However, I know Holly quite well. She would make a wonderful mother. I’ve seen her around children at the hotel. From what I know about Robert, he would make a great father. There is definitely a moral component to this decision. Should one have sex with another man’s wife? Normally, no. But in this instance the husband is asking, no encouraging you to do it. There is a legal component. I would want to have some kind of signed agreement stating that you would have no financial commitment to the child and no parental rights. Then there is the emotional/mental factor. Would you be accepting of the fact that you have a child and would not have any part in their life?”
I thought about what Cinnamon had said for a few minutes before saying anything.
“My first reaction was to say no. But then I realized how desperate they must be to even consider this type of option. I also saw the logic in not asking a friend or just finding somebody completely unknown to them. As far as the moral issue, Holly’s husband is encouraging me to have sex with his wife. I don’t see that as an impediment. I had sex with you after meeting you earlier that day.”
“That’s true. I guess you’ll have sex with anyone,” Cinnamon said giggling.
“Ok, ok, but you pursued me,” I said. “The legal factor, I agree I would have to have a kind of signed agreement. As far as the mental/emotional factor that is the tough one. I don’t know how I would feel. I know I might not ever see the child. But the only difference s between this and donating to a sperm bank are I know the recipient and the method of ‘delivery’ of the sperm.”
“Like I said I cannot make this decision for you,” Cinnamon said.
“I guess I will have to sleep on it, but I am leaning toward yes,” I said.
“Speaking of sleep, it is time for bed,” Cinnamon said. “It also means no hanky-panky tonight, if you might be a sperm donor tomorrow.”
We went to bed and snuggled, but nothing more. I didn’t get to sleep for some time thinking about my decision. Finally sleep came.
In the morning we awoke and Cinnamon got ready for work. I got in the shower after she was done.
Cinnamon came back in the bathroom and asked, “Have you made a decision?”
“Yes, I will do it if we can sign an appropriate agreement,” I responded.
“Is it okay if I call Holly to let her know? She has the day off today,” Cinnamon said.
“Sure go ahead. Please mention the agreement,” I said.
Cinnamon left the bathroom. I heard her speaking on the phone. I finished my shower and was drying off. She came back into the bathroom.
“Holly was very happy. They have forms from when they looked into artificial insemination at a sperm bank. Robert is already out taking a group fishing. Holly will meet you at the hotel room at 11:00. Will you be ready to go soon?” Cinnamon asked.
This was sure moving fast, but it was either today or tomorrow, since I would be leaving Saturday. We left for the hotel and had breakfast there. After breakfast Cinnamon went to work at the hotel front desk and I went up to my room. I washed my clothes and then watched a little television. Promptly at 11:00 a knock came at my door. When I opened the door Holly was standing there. She wouldn’t look at me, instead looked down at her hands.
“Come in,” I said.
Holly stepped in and stood nervously swaying slightly back and forth. I shut the door. When I turned back around she was looking at the bed.
“Let’s go sit down and talk for awhile,” I suggested.
She sat on the sofa. I sat in a side chair. We spoke about a number of things, our families, our education, and our dreams. She finally started looking me in the eye when she spoke to me. The nervousness had left her voice.
“Can I see the agreements from the sperm bank?” I asked.
She handed me the papers from her purse. There were two forms one for the donor and a second for the recipient and spouse (if recipient was married). I read through the documents as Holly watched me.
“Robert and I have already signed both copies of the recipient document,” Holly stated still watching me.
“I am ready to sign the donor document,” I told Holly.
She held up a pen, I moved over next to her on the sofa, I took the pen and signed the copies of the donor document. I gave her a copy of each document and then put my copies in my suitcase. When I sat back down Holly looked scared and nervous.
“Holly you can call this off at anytime,” I said taking her hand and stroking the back of it. “You also can tell me to stop doing something if you are not comfortable with it.”
The fear faded from her face and she relaxed back onto the sofa. I waited for her to take the first action.
“I am at my peak today!” she blurted out. “Can we have sex twice?”
Surprising me with her outburst, I responded, “Sure with a break in between.”
She got up and walked over to toward the bed. She removed her top and then her pants. She turned to face me standing in her underwear. I smiled, she smiled back. This was the first time I had seen her without the loose fitting clothing which seemed to be her preference. She had a very nice body. Holly was trim and had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were larger than I had imagined they would be. They were not as large as Cinnamon’s breasts, who was a small D or large C. Holly was a small C. Her skin was a smooth dark brown.
“You’re staring,” Holly said.
“Sorry!” I replied.
“Don’t be. It’s a compliment!” she said.
I wondered if Cinnamon had gotten that from Holly, or if Holly had gotten that from Cinnamon.
“Well come on over. Let’s get started,” Holly said holding out her hand.
I stood up and walked over to her side. She was an inch or two shorter than Cinnamon. I took her hand, she pulled me to her , and hugged me tight. I hugged her.
“Thanks for agreeing to do this for Robert and I,” she whispered in my ear.
She rubbed the front of my shorts with her hand.
“You’re going to have to remove these,” Holly said tugging at my pants.
I pulled my pants off. She pulled down my underwear and I stepped out of them. I was still limp.
“We’re going to have to do something about this,” she said taking my penis in her hand.
I normally would have been somewhat hard at this point. I guess I was nervous also. She slowly caressed the top, sides, and then the underside of my growing rod.
“I’ve never done this to anyone, but Robert. None of this,” said Holly.
She continued to stroke my penis. I continued to harden.
“I will need to get wet before you come inside me. Otherwise it could be unpleasant or painful for me,” she responded.
I took this as my cue. I removed her panties. I had her lay on the bed and I laid down beside her. She was a very good looking woman, today more so than last night. Then it dawned on me. Holly was definitely wearing much less make-up today. Her natural beauty came through wonderfully. I rolled her to her back. I began caressing her pussy lips lightly. I slowly pushed one finger between the outer lips. She closed her eyes and smiled. She found my penis, wrapped her hand around it and pumped slowly. I moved my fingers to the top of her slit and rubbed her clitoris. Holly moaned loudly as my finger circled around and moved over her love button. I felt the heat coming from inside her. I pushed my finger down into her vagina. It slid in easily. I put a second finger in and moved them in and out. They were drenched with her moisture. Holly moaned and thrust up against them with each stroke. Her body stiffened, then shuddered as her vaginal walls clamped down on my fingers. She shook from head to foot. She grunted and let out a gasp, before relaxing back on the bed.
After a few minutes she said, “Sorry I should have had you get inside me. I climax very easily. You should get inside me now.”
I got up on my hands and knees. She spread her legs and I positioned myself, before sliding into her. I went all the way in on the first push, because she was so wet. I immediately felt her vaginal walls tighten around my rod. Holly smiled.
“You’re not quite as long as Robert, but you are bigger around,” she said. “Don’t move.”
I wondered what she had in mind. Then I felt her vaginal muscles moving up and down my penis. I remained still enjoying the sensations. Holly had closed her eyes and was again smiling a huge smile. After a few minutes she tightened around me.
“Your turn. Fuck me!” she ordered. “Make sure you are all the way in when you cum!”
I began stoking in and out. Slowly at first then began picking up the pace. Holly moaned with each stroke. I continued and moved toward climax.
“I’m going to cum soon,” I told Holly.
After a few more pumps I pressed hard into her and shot several jets of semen deep into her. This triggered her second orgasm. She writhed and twisted under me panting for several minutes. I rolled off her onto the bed beside her. It was then I realized I had never taken off my shirt and Holly still had her bra on.
After several minutes Holly asked, “Are you hungry?”
“Yes, I am,” I replied.
I called for room service. Holly went into the bathroom when the food was delivered. We ate lunch and talked. I had put my pants back on before the food came up, but Holly ate while wearing only her bra. I couldn’t help but look over at her while I ate. We watched television as we waited before the next round of sex. Every few minutes I would look over at Holly imagining what her breasts looked like. My looks must have become too obvious.
“You’re wondering what my breasts look like aren’t you?” she asked.
I watched as she removed her bra. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and perky. Her nipples were large and stood out when the air-conditioned air hit them.
“Do you approve?” Holly asked.
“Yes! They are very, very nice,” I replied.
“Would you like to touch them?” she asked.
“Yes, I would!” I responded wondering if any other answer would have been accepted.
She stood up walked over and sat down on my lap. I took a breast in each hand and caressed them pressing firmly. “mmm” and “ahhh” exited from Holly. Her eyes were closed and her head was tipped up. Again a smile was on her face. I moved around her areolas and nipples. She pressed her breasts firmly into my hands. I rubbed a finger lightly across one of her nipples. She jerked slightly and gasped. I continued with my finger teasing her nipple. She purred appreciatively. I began to do the same with her other nipple. She obviously enjoyed the sensation. I pinched one of her nipples. She jerked, but pressed harder against my fingers and hands. I am definitely a breast man and my erection was now standing between us. Without asking I kissed one of her nipples and then licked around it. She moaned appreciatively. I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard causing her to gasp again.
“M.move to the o.other one,” she requested.
I moved my mouth over to her other nipple and repeated the process. I could feel the moist heat and wetness coming from her pussy which was inches from my balls. “ooo”, “ohh”, and “ahh” continued to come from her lips. I moved one hand to her pussy. Putting two fingers between her pussy lips and moved them along the length of her pussy avoiding her clitoris. She started breathing heavily. She reached for and found my penis.
“Wow! You feel like you are ready to go,” Holly said. “I was so enjoying what you were doing to me, I wasn’t even thinking about you.”
She stroked my rod a few times.
“Holly I am going to cum soon!” I warned her.
She lifted herself up on her knees, guided me to her opening, and then went back down toward my lap until I was completely inside her. She tightened around me and began moving up and down. She increased the speed. I held back as long as I could. Soon it became impossible to hold back. I pushed her down as I exploded into her with several jets. Holly reached her orgasm at the same moment. She squeezed tightly around me extracting the remaining seed from me. She collapsed on me breathing heavily.
When she recovered she got up. We got dressed. She gave me a kiss, the first one we had shared. She thanked me and left. I showered and waited for Cinnamon. She was going to stop up after work. I waited watching some television. A little after 5 a knock came a the door. I opened the door. Cinnamon was standing there.
“Is Holly gone?” she asked.
“Yes, she left some time ago,” I responded. “Everything went fine. Come on in.”
She came in. We sat and talked for a while.
“What do you want to do for supper?” I asked.
“Can we just order room service?” she asked.
We ordered and the food arrived in about 30 minutes. We ate. I could tell Cinnamon had something she wanted to say, but was hesitant. Eventually she told me her period had started. But still wanted to spend the night here with me.
“Cinnamon, you are much more than a vacation fling. I love you,” I said. “Please stay here with me tonight.”
She put her arms around me, hugging me tight.
“I love you too,” she whispered in my ear. “I have to go feed my cat Char, but I will be right back.”
She left and returned in about 45 minutes. We talked the rest of the night about the next time we would be able to see each other after I left on Saturday. She was planning to be with her family in Wisconsin around Christmas. It was only a short drive from where I lived. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses.
We got undressed and went to bed talking about getting together in Wisconsin. We fell asleep with her resting her head on my chest.
(Just to tie things up. About 5 weeks later Cinnamon called. Holly was pregnant.)
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