Erotic stories: One in a Million – Chap 6

Erotic stories: One in a Million – Chap 6
Author: Redthorn
This part is including Dark Fantasy, Incest, Mind Control, Romance, Teen Male/Teen Female, Violence theme.
Hey, trying to catch up on the updates, I know that the latest chapters have been kinda short so I’ve decided to combined Chapters 6 and 7. Please R&R
Chapter 6
I opened my eyes and stared at my alarm clock. It was 10:00 in the morning, but I didn’t really feel like getting up so I just made sure the alarm was off before closing my eyes again and turning around in the bed. That’s when I felt something else in the bed. I opened my eyes, only to come face to face with Jo’s sleeping face. I jumped out of bed and tripped over the covers, making me fall out of bed.
At the last second, I imagined a giant hand catching me out the air and I stopped a few inches from the floor. I lifted my head up to see whether or not Jo had seen what I had did, and found she was still asleep. I breathed a sigh of relief and floated myself upright before sitting on the bed.
‘Why the hell is she in my bed?’ I thought, then my eyes traveled down her body, finding that the only thing she was wearing was my blanket. I felt my cheeks grow hot. I was about to shake her awake and ask why the hell why she in my bed (Naked mind you!) When I remembered all of the things that had happened last night.
I smiled and stroked her hair out of her face, causing her to smile and mumble in her sleep. I hesitated for only a second before kissing her on the forehead, before making my way downstairs. I had just finished making a cup of tea for myself and was in the middle of making some coffee, when the phone rang. I read the caller ID which said mom and answered the phone. “Hello?” “J.P is that you? I’ve been calling for hours! What were you two doing?” Mom asked. I blinked once. “Sleeping.” I answered slowly. “Well listen, I’m going to have to leave you alone for a while longer, the tree still hasn’t been cleared and by the time it is, i’ll have to go back to work so I’m just going to stay at my girl’s house and see you later on tonite around 12:30 ish okay?”
I was barely paying attention to the conversation anymore, I was too busy thinking about the naughty things Jo and I would be doing to each other during the day.”Hello? J.P? “ My mother’s voice shook me out of my lust induced stupor. “Sorry, I was getting my tea out the freezer (I happen to like my tea cold in the morning) but yeah I heard you and i’ll make sure that Jo knows as well.” I said “Make sure to call me if there are any problems ok? The Fund money is in my drawer if you need it.” Mom said “Okay mom, have fun, see you tonight.” I said hanging up the phone.
I did a silent cheer and finished making Jo’s coffee as soon as she walked into the kitchen with nothing on but my T-shirt that was a two sizes too big and covered her all the way down to just above her knees. As soon as I saw her the first thought that went through my mind was ‘she looks goregous’ then she yawned and rubbed her eyes with one hand streching with her other making her look incredibly adorable. I couldn’t help myself as I walked over to my love and hugged her tightly. “Morning beautiful.” I whispered in her ear causing a grin to spread across her lips.
“And good morning to you as well handsome.” Jo replied pulling me down for a kiss. “It was lonely in the bed without you.” she said as we broke the kiss and she laid on my chest tracing lazy circles. “Well it’s going to have to be lonely for a bit longer until we get showered cause frankly we stink.” Jo giggled slightly. “Okay mister smelly, you wanna go first or are you going to let me go?” I grinned as an I dea popped into my head. “I’ve got an even better idea, first let’s head up to the bathroom.” Jo peered up at me with a mischevious grin on her face. “What are you planning?” I pushed myself from her before answering.
“I told you, upstairs first, secret next.” I gesured at the stairs until, with a huff, she walked up the stairs. As she walked past me I swatted her on the ass which caused her to squeal in suprise and her beautiful bottom to jiggle wonderously. As she walked up the stairs, she jiggled her behind before turning around and sticking her tougne out at me and rushing up the stairs. I ran after, shaking my head while laughing at her playful antics.
When we finally arrived into the bathroom, Jo sat on the toilet and stared at me while I stripped off my shirt. “Okay, what’s the big reveal?” Jo asked sarcastically and I grinned at her reaction.” Strip, we’re getting in the shower together.” Jo looked excited as she shed her T-shirt. (Which had nothing under I might add.) I turned on the water to it’s usual steaminess and stepped inside enjoying the hot water. I smiled as Jo entered the shower with me. The shower was kinda of a tight fit so we had to move around a bit until we found a position that worked, Jo laying on my chest and me with my back against the wall. “This is nice.” Jo purred slightly as I slowly scrubbed her back with the soap. I went down to her behind, making sure they were thoroughly scrubbed, before leaning down and washing her thighs, starting with the insides and working my way downwards towards her feet scrubbing the bottom lightly causing her to giggle.
I handed over the soap and tried to relax as Jo did the same to me. After we had finished washing each other, we just relaxed there enjoying each other’s company as well as the water. I finally turned off the water which caused Jo to groan in displeasure and made me chuckle. “Sorry but I don’t think the neighbors would be all that forgiving if we used up all the water in the city.” I joked. “Fuck the neighbors,” Jo growled in my ear “I want to stay in this shower with my man and nobody can say shit about it!” I felt my heart grow a bit at that statement. “Your man?” I repeated smiling and Jo blushed realizing what she just. “W-Well it’s Just that. Um , And you. you-”
I cut her off with a passionate kiss. “I happen to like being the man to the most beautiful woman in the world.” I said with a smirk as Jo blushed even harder. “Y-You really mean it?” She whispered quietly “Absolutely.” I answered without hesitation and was shocked to see she was crying. “Baby what’s wrong?” I asked getting out the shower ans sitting down with her in my lap, sniffling. “I-it’s just that n-no one has ever called me beautiful before.” Jo replied wiping her eyes. “What?” I said staring at her open-mouthed. I had all always figured that, being a female jock and all, she would have half the school drooling over her. “Yeah, all of the guys wouldn’t date me cause they thought I was to boyish. I ended up alone alot during dances and stuff until I just stopped showing unless the team was going.” Jo said looking down to the ground. “Well guess what? That just means that the school is completly blind to not notice such a goddess in front of them all the time.” I declared.
Jo blushed before looking away and mumbling“You’re just saying that, you probably don’t mean it.” “Jo look at me,” I said as I grabbed her chin and pulled it softly upwards, causing her to look at my face. “Belive me when I say this: You are the most beautiful creature who has ever walked the earth, from your face, to your hair, down to each one of your toes. You are absolutly stunning and I am lucky to have you as my girl.” I said looking at her directly in the eyes, which began to tear up when I was finished. Jo threw her arms around my neck and squeezed me tightly. “J.P you are the just the best! I love you so much!” She said tears streaming from her face. After she had calmed down a bit, I grabbed a towel and began toweling her off.
Once I finished, I dried myself off quickly before sweeping Jo off of her feet in my arms causing her to gasp softly.” “J.P! Where are we going?” Jo asked laughing as I twirled her around before leaving the bathroom. “To show you just how much I love you.” I said with a smile as I walked into my bedroom and set her lightly on the bed. No sooner than I had done so, I began kissing her passionatly, my hands in her hair and hers on my back. I moved my mouth after a minute of kissing (Another groan from jo) and began lightly nibbiling on her earlobe. As soon as I started, Jo began bucking wildly, thrashing all over the bed.
Stunned, I continued licking and suckling while holding her down the best I could. Finally she screamed as she orgasmed, splattering both of our legs in her juices. I waited as she caught her breath before wrapping her in my arms and laughing silently. “And…just what is…so…funny?” Jo asked breathless but still managing a playful glare. “All that and I still haven’t really touched you yet.” I started really craking up now and Jo joined in, laughing that musical laugh of hers. I shook my head thinking that in only a few weeks, I could not have been any more happier in my life. I have the girl of my dreams, I am more powerful than everyone, and I have super powers!
I frowned as I thought about something important: should I tell Jo about my powers? Or should I keep it to myself? The memory of the lunch incident was still fresh in my mind. Could I trust my sister? Or would she stab in the back again? “J.P? Are you okay?” Jo’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked at her face filled with concern and worry.
I decided that I would tell her somday, but not today, not now. I wiped of my frown and put on a smile on my face. “It’s nothing,” I lied. “Just a thought.” Jo stared at my face for a while and I stared back, my smile never leaving it’s place even when it felt like I was sweating bullets.
“You’re hiding somthing J.P, I can tell. ”Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit! Even though I was panicing on the inside, I still managed to keep a calm demeanor and my smile on my face. “What do you mean? I’m not hiding anything.” I said trying to pass my lie as acceptable. Jo seemed to stare straight thorugh me and see my thoughts indivisually. Finally, Jo stopped her attack on my conscience, but stood up from the bed and walked towards the door. I scrambled off after her. “Wait, where are you going?” Jo turned around her eyes determined. “The last time one of us kept a secret from the other, Both of us got hurt and I’m in no mood to be hurt that badly again.” As she closed the door between us I heard somthing that sounded suspiciously like a sob.

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