Incest stories: Adult cousins Adult activities – Chap 1B

Incest stories: Adult cousins Adult activities – Chap 1B
I had forbidden you from the ‘Hoochie Mama’ section, Jack! Stephanie exclaimed, as Ashley nodded in agreement.
These I said, in a mock indignant voice “are from the ‘Skank-ho’ department.” I was proud of my witty comeback. “This is for you, and this is for you.” I said, giving Ashley her gift, and Stephanie hers. “No go put them on.”
Ashley and Stephanie looked at one another. Ashley was the most hesitant looking, because she was at work. She started to say why she couldn’t, so I jokingly but firmly said, “Now! And change together too, same changing room. Scoot!”
Yes, boss! Stephanie joked. They looked at one another, nodded, and decided to do it. They disappeared into the changing area, and I heard some laughing and giggling, plus some disparaging “Oh my god, this is so slutty” comments, plus an odd silence for a minute or two, but nonetheless, they both came out after a few minutes in the blue dresses. Sure, they were super slutty looking, but god, the two of them looked amazing.
With a smirk, Ashley walked over to me with something in her hand, her hand pointed down so I couldn’t see. “Here, this is for you. I rescued them.” and when I held out my hand, she dropped Stephanie’s purple thong into my palm. It had been quite carefully folded though, inside out, and the little piece of padding was right on top, with a little line of wetness, including a few droplets clearly visible. “That’s right. Now you owe me!”
Thank you. I said, still staring at the two of them. My head was spinning. Stephanie’s thong in my hand, two beautiful women playing and flirting seductively, wearing slutty dresses for me to look at. The only thing missing, were super high stiletto heels, both were barefoot. “It’s too late to get the stiletto heels here, isn’t it?”
God, you’re so bossy! Stephanie said.
Shuddup! I joked. “Go back in the changing room, just out of sight. Kiss.” I ordered, pointing at the door.
Again?? they both said in unison, then giggled. “Well, OK. Come stand nearer so you can watch.” They went back just behind the door, for a little more privacy, and embraced softly, arms entwined, and proceeded to kiss. It was tender, yet passionate, soft, yet hard. Moans emanated, sounds of lips smacking, flashes of light reflecting off of tongues. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. That is, until Ashley pulled up the back of Stephanie’s dress, exposing her entire bottom, and slid her middle finger right between Stephanie’s cheeks, clearly rubbing Stephanie’s asshole with the tip of her finger.
Then again with the infernal store announcement, the store was closing. The girls had to stop kissing, but Ashley naughtily popped her middle finger into her mouth and sucked on it. “Ok, I have to close up. I don’t know where you parked, but drive around and wait by the package pick-up entry. You’ll see a Red Nissan, that’s my car. I’ll be there in about fifteen or twenty minutes.” Then sternly, but obviously joking, she said to both of us “And no hot first-time cousin sex without me there to watch, got it?”
Got it. Ok, fine. See you in about 15., and Stephanie and I made our way out the store. Stephanie was still in her super slutty new blue dress, while I carried the bags of everything we had bought, and we both noticed all the stares as Stephanie gracefully but sluttily paraded through the store.
She’s a naughty girl, isn’t she? Stephanie said, as we walked to the car through the parking lot.
I like the way she thinks, though. I said, and given that it was dark and nobody would really see much, I reached with one hand and slid my own hand in and under the flap of the back of Stephanie’s dress, gently caressed her asshole, then popped that finger in my mouth. “God, I’ve wanted to do that my entire life!” I confessed.
What were you waiting on? God, every time I showed you my boobs or my ass, you acted as if it was no big deal. And at your sister’s birthday party, I showed you my fuckin’ pussy! I’m like, is he gay or something?
We’re going to make up for lost time, that’s for sure! I said, and in the middle of the parking lot, before we got in her car, I flipped the back of her slutty little dress up, leaned forward, spread her cheeks apart, and flicked her asshole with my tongue, right out there in the open.
Remember, no sex without Ashley watching.
I know, I know. I couldn’t resist. But technically, that wasn’t sex either, was it? We were both getting in the car by now, and I started to drive to the other side of the store, where Ashley said she would be parked. “I know she probably had to change back into her regular clothes. It’d be hot if she came out in the blue or the white dress!”
Stephanie’s eyes lit up with an idea, and she whipped out her phone and dialed directory assistance. “Dashard’s please.” and soon enough she was on the phone. “Women’s dresses please.” she said to the next operator. “Hey Ashley, it’s Stephanie and Jack. We want you to put on the White dress before you come out… Hmmm… O.K., you’re probably right, I’ll help you change in the car.” Stephanie hung up and explained, “OK, she had a point, she’s at work, she can’t leave where everybody knows her dressed like that. I’m going to hop in her car, show her how to get to your place. We’ll have her all changed before she gets out.”
OK, good idea. I wanted to watch them changing, but I was already dealing with this incredible sense of anticipation. I had to be patient; this was turning into the night of my dreams. Then I remembered, and exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot I had these!” and took Stephanie’s purple thong up to my nose. If we can’t do anything until Ashley arrives, at least I have these!”
Give me those! Stephanie insisted. Reluctantly I complied, disappointed that I had to return them. But Stephanie, being the wonderful cousin she is, instead spread them out, stretched the cotton padding over her middle finger, and reached into her dress, and clearly was sticking her finger into her pussy with them, three or four times. Then she popped them out, took the panties off her finger, smeared the wetness across my nostrils before putting the thong back in my hand, and asked, Better?” Then, to top it all off, she finished by popping her finger into her mouth.
Mmmm, so much better. I replied in a happy daze. I put them back up to my nose to inhale Stephanie’s smells, and at about the same time, we saw Ashley walking out of the store toward us.
Stephanie hopped out of the car, and she talked to Ashley, discussing the plans. She came back to my window, and took the purple thong out of my hand. “Be right back.” She said, then she stretched it over her finger again, and still out in the open, but somewhat discreetly, slipped it inside Ashley’s skirt, then came back.
“There. This will keep you entertained for the drive home? Oh, wait.” then before giving me the thong, she smeared Ashley’s juices across her own nostrils. “Ok, drive safe!” She went back to Ashley’s car, and they talked a bit more, then Stephanie actually took the keys and drove. Smart, I realized. Stephanie would drive so that Ashley could change on the way. God, they looked so good together.
The drive was only about 15 minutes. We more or less drove in eyeshot of each other, Stephanie following me mostly, since she was still new in town. About halfway home though, my phone buzzed. I try not to text and drive normally, but the light ahead was turning red, so I decided I could at least take a quick look. It was from Stephanie’s phone, and was a text with two pictures that Ashley obviously had taken.
The first, a bit dark, but I could still make out it was a close up selfie of a vagina, completely bald, and the second one also a close up, of one with a racing stripe. I smiled. So my lovely cousin Stephanie was completely bald. That was a nice thought. I didn’t have time to reply, because I knew the light was about to turn green, but they were right behind me at the light, so I held both hands up to give a “two thumbs up” hand gesture. Stephanie flashed her lights at me twice in reply.
On the drive, at one point we were on a 4 lane stretch of road, two lanes each way. Stephanie made a point to pull up next to me, and when I glanced over, Ashley was mooning me, her spectacular ass stuck out the passenger side window at me. I tapped my horn three times.
My phone buzzed to let me know another text had arrived, but this time we were on a stretch of highway, so I couldn’t look this time. I even patted myself on the back (in my mind anyway) that I didn’t look. I wasn’t going to risk anything stopping this evening from progressing, even though I knew the text was probably something spectacular. Then my phone buzzed again. Then again. Then a fourth time. I knew they were still behind me, so I sort of did a shrugging motion for them to see, hopefully so they knew I couldn’t look. Two more buzzes.
Finally, my exit came up, and after the off-ramp, the light was red. I knew the light well, and that I didn’t have much time, but I would at least be able to look quickly. The first text was Ashley’s hand on Stephanie’s boob on the outside of her dress, and the text said “They are real. And spectacular!” The second was the same basic picture, except this time, Ashley’s hand was inside the dress, so her hand was directly on Stephanie’s breast.
This text said “Even better up close and personal!” with a smiley face. The third was Ashley’s hand, hiking Stephanie’s dress way up high, her hand on Stephanie’s inner thigh. No text content for this one. And the fourth picture made my heart skip a beat. It wasn’t a picture, it was a video. It was Ashley, reaching into Stephanie’s dress, a brief glimpse of Stephanie’s hand pulling her dress up, and Ashley slipping a finger right into my cousin’s bald pussy and five or six gentle finger thrusts.
HONNNNK! Oh, crap. The light changed. Then I realized it was just Stephanie and Ashley right behind me. I pulled away, embarrassed, but knowing the ladies were probably laughing. The house was only a couple more minutes. My phone buzzed a couple more times, but I decided to just tough it out, get home without further event. I pulled into the driveway, and into the garage. There wasn’t room for both cars, so Stephanie stopped in the driveway behind my car. I quickly glanced at the phone. One text said “your cousin’s pussy is hot”, and the other said, “Just so you know. Stephanie’s wanted to fuck you for the past 20 years, and says you are a dummy.”
They got out of the car, and Ashley had put on her matching blue dress also. They looked spectacular. But they weren’t done. They looked at each other, smiled a bit, and at the same time, both of them pulled the dresses up and off of them, holding them at their sides, the two of them stark naked except for their shoes in my driveway. It was dark, but still it was a bit daring and naughty. I was getting my first proper view of Stephanie completely naked, with implied permission to just gawk, and gawk I was.
Her bald pussy, the little gap between her thighs, her bare labia major looking so amazing and inviting. Firm perfect breasts, pointy nipples. A stud style belly button ring, that was new, I didn’t recall seeing it before. And next to her, Ashley, almost an identical build to Stephanie, in her case her racing stripe, but what I hadn’t seen earlier, was that it came to an end before reaching her lips, so she too, had fully bald labia major too. And her breasts, even pointier than Stephanie’s.
It’s sort of cold out here with no clothes, you know! Stephanie joked. Ashley nodded. They were right. But I decided, they were being so naughty and daring that the least I could do is drop my pants too.
Come on in! I said. They walked in, and just as they passed the garage door, I reached in to the garage door opener and clicked for it to start closing.
You jerk! You’ve had that big huge dick all these years, watched me show you my boobs and ass every chance I got, and you never fucked me with that thing? Ashley complained jokingly. “That’s it, I’m not sucking that. Ashley, you have to suck it. I’m too upset!”
Well, Ok then. Ashley joked, and the reached out, held the base of my very hard cock with one hand, and leaned forward and took me into her soft warm mouth. I had been hard for about an hour straight, so there was lots and lots of precum to be had, and Ashley tugged most of it into her mouth. “Are you sure Stephanie? It’s pretty damn nice! And salty, and juicy, and hard, and big.
You’re missing out, you know!” and she turned back to suck me some more. She let me slip out of her mouth, then stood up straight, and kissed me deeply. Ever so slightly naughtily, since some precum was still in her mouth, she used her tongue and lips to pass it into my mouth. I instinctively had my hands reached around her to caress her firm behind, and Ashley followed up: “Fine, I’m in charge of all sucking. But let’s go inside. I need to see you two cousins fuck the hell out of one another.”
She stepped back to give me a chance to fumble with my pants, undo my laces, and step out of my shoes. The three of us walked into the house, and tossed our clothes on the floor.
Fuck your cousin! Ashley exclaimed. She held me by my hand, and pulled Stephanie in front of me. We were still standing in the kitchen, but Ashley couldn’t wait. She reached down, and pulled Stephanie’s left leg up to part her legs, and I crouched down just a bit to make up for the height difference. Ashley used her other hand to hold my cock, and she guided it to Stephanie’s pussy. I felt the moist warmth of Stephanie, as Ashley helped line things up, and I pushed a little, and after a lifetime of dreaming of this, my cock was inside Stephanie. I was fucking her.
God, that’s so hot. Ashley said, and dropped to her knees to be eye level with my cock gliding into Stephanie. “So fucking hot.” I was kissing Stephanie by now, but could hear Ashley’s running commentary. “That big fucking dick in that hot wet pussy. Mmmm.” and I could feel her reaching around to rub my leg and Stephanie’s. “Let me taste that.” As she gently guided me out of Stephanie’s pussy, and sucked Stephanie’s juices off of me. “Where’s the bedroom? I’m ready to watch some serious cousin sex!”
We practically ran upstairs to my room, and I gently (ok, maybe not so gently) pushed Stephanie onto her back on my bed, and I climbed on top of her, between her legs, and thrust myself back into her. I had waited and dreamed of this for years, and Stephanie was obviously into this too. I plunged deep into Stephanie, knowing Ashley was nearby, enjoying the show. I propped myself up on toes and elbows and palms, and each thrust into Stephanie was long and hard and deep and noisy. It was amazing, and I was sort of glad I had masturbated that morning; otherwise this unbelievable amount of excitement would have made it hard to control myself.
Climb over here, show me that pussy. I said to Ashley, and patted the bed up next to Stephanie’s head. Ashley climbed over us, and lay on her back, legs spread wide, her pussy maybe a foot away. She plunged three fingers into her pussy, and masturbated furiously. “Closer.” I said, and Ashley scooched her ass across the bed to be closer. “Give me those fingers.”
Ashley knew what I meant, and took her fingers out of her pussy and put them in my mouth. I sucked her cute little fingers thoroughly. “Give Stephanie some too.” and Ashley dipped her fingers back into her pussy, then fed her fingers to Stephanie. “Both of us now.”, and I leaned in to kiss Stephanie. Ashley reached down again, dipped her fingers, and this time put her hands between my mouth and Stephanie, so we both licked her fingers from opposite sides.
I see something else that I like. Ashley said, and reached down between Stephanie and me, and collected sex juice from between us. First, she sucked her fingers, then got some more and popped her fingers into Stephanie’s mouth, and then repeated for me. Stephanie sucked Ashley’s fingers eagerly, the whole time with me still fucking her pussy long and hard and deep.
Rub my clit! Stephanie said, looking at Ashley. Me still fucking, Ashley reached down and worked her fingers down so that she could rub Stephanie’s clit at the same time. Stephanie started panting and moaning, wiggling and writhing, but Ashley knew what this meant, and didn’t let all the moving around distract her attention.
Ashley expertly managed to keep rubbing Stephanie’s clit, and it wasn’t long before Stephanie tensed up, grabbed me tight, and froze with an intense orgasm. I felt the Goosebumps all over her skin, and I had learned over the years, just keep still for a bit, let the waves of pleasure proceed uninterrupted. Stephanie finally let her head fall back with a sigh, and lay there. I was still gliding my cock in and out of her pussy, when Stephanie whimpered, “I can’t take any more right now. Fuck Ashley. Fuck her just like you fucked me with your big hard cock.”
Imagine, every boyhood dream you ever had, coming true. And it was happening to me. I pulled out of Stephanie, and had an idea. I hopped off the bed, and stood next to it. Stephanie was very relaxed, sort of basking in her post-orgasmic glow. Ashley was looking at me, wondering what I was doing, because she had that “Fuck me now” look, but I knew exactly what I was doing.
I went to Ashley’s side of the bed, took her by the ankles, and pulled her by the legs so that her ass was just barely hanging over the left edge of the bed, while Stephanie was mostly on the right. And I entered her that way, guiding her by the ankles so her knees were up to her shoulders, sort of rolled into a little ball, while I fucked her standing next to the bed.
I hate to have to get nerdy, so I’ll keep the physics brief. Me standing gives me leverage. Her body being rolled up makes my cock go places inside here that don’t always get stimulated. Being able to hold her by the ankles lets me hold her in place, and also pop her toes into my mouth for sucking whenever I want. And the angle means that I get to watch my cock going in and out of Ashley with every thrust. And it gives a good viewing angle to Stephanie too, whenever she recovers from her orgasm and decides to watch me fuck Ashley.
So yes, I’m fucking the hell out of Ashley now too, and looking at Stephanie behind her, who is starting to regain her senses. Ashley’s head isn’t that far from Stephanie’s hips, Ashley sideways on the bed, Stephanie lying lengthwise on the other side of the bed. Stephanie moves a bit, so Ashley knows she’s ready again, and she reaches up over her head and with little hand feels, figures out where Stephanie’s body is.
She finds her inner thigh, and starts pulling Stephanie, who plays along by crawling via her ass cheeks to follow Ashley’s lead. I’m still thrusting into Ashley, watching my cock shiny with her juices gliding in and out of her, looking at Ashley’s breasts and chest arched as she is guiding Stephanie into position, until finally she guides Stephanie’s pussy to be right next to her face, and her legs parted nicely.
It is an amazing sight, and Ashley arches her neck to reach Stephanie’s clit and suck. Stephanie giggles and pulls away, saying “Oh my god, I can’t yet!”, so Ashley mumbles something that sounded like an acknowledgement, but without skipping a beat, reaches up with her other hand and pulls Stephanie’s ass cheeks open, sticks her tongue out, and dabs the tip of her tongue perfectly against that amazing back door.
Ok, how ’bout this? Ashley asks. The moan from Stephanie tells Ashley it’s all good, very good, and Ashley eagerly tongues Stephanie’s asshole. “I’m a bit of an ass freak, sorry guys!” she giggles, then with a broad swipe of the thick part of her tongue, gives a long broad lick from Stephanie’s backbone all the way up to just below her pussy. Then as if she knew how much this excited me, she did it again. And again. I’m sure I somehow got harder at the sight of this, and we found a nice rhythm. I’m still thrusting into Ashley, and she is continuing to give Stephanie the most erotic ass licking I could ever imagine.
Oh god, I love that! Stephanie says. “I love it, don’t stop.”
I have no intention of stopping. and Ashley pivots her head to the side as she licks, this time a left to right licking motion from one cheek to asshole to the other cheek. From this angle, I get a new view, and this is just as amazing. “You know, when you two walked up to the fitting room, I wondered to myself what licking your asses would be like. And now I’m getting to! Mmmm.”
This too got me thinking. Was I next? Was Ashley going to lick my ass too? God I hoped so.
Well, I call first licking! Stephanie joked, referring to how she and I competed to get things first by saying “I call it first!”
I call first double licking! I joked, and leaned forward and over, still thrusting into Ashley, but into a position where I put my head right against Ashley’s, and we both licked Stephanie’s gorgeous little hole. God, it was amazing, and feeling Ashley’s breath and mine together off of Stephanie’s ass as we both licked it was amazing.
Mmm! was all we heard from Stephanie, as I repositioned slightly, to lick Ashley’s tongue as Ashley kept licking Stephanie’s ass. At times we kissed, at times I licked Stephanie and Ashley licked my tongue, we did all sorts of delightful things. Then Ashley decided she was done sharing, she playfully pushed my head back up and said “So what does a girl have to do to get her ass licked around here?”
I didn’t need to be asked twice. I pulled out of Ashley’s pussy, and dropped to a crouching position. Her ass was already hanging over the edge and her legs were already in my hands from behind her knees holding them up in the air. Her asshole and crease were already delightfully wet from our combined love juices flowing from her pussy, so there was a lot to lick up first. I did a long broad lick from her back up her crease to collect all the accumulated pussy juice, but not quite all. I guess that meant I had to do it again, right? And again?
I loved how the tip of my nose touched her asshole when I was near her spine with my tongue, and it was heaven. But something about her twitched, and I knew that meant it was time. I made my tongue as firm and pointed as I could, and I stuck it straight into her tight little asshole, and inside, wiggled the tip a bit. I heard a squeal and felt a quiver.
She liked receiving as much as she liked giving, and I had some good news for her, which she probably was in the process of deducing. I’m a bit of an ass freak too, and licking a beautiful woman’s ass is way up there on my list of things I want to be doing. I kept at it, sometimes tonguing deep in her, other times flicking with the tip of my tongue, exploring each cheek. She wasn’t lasered, she shaved, which I actually like.
She had a few stubbly ass hairs, but that is just sexy, it adds character to the experience. I could catch glimpses of what was happening up above me on the bed, and I could see that Ashley had grabbed Stephanie by the hips, and had lifted her ass in the air a bit and was plunging her tongue into Stephanie, so I decided it was time to return the favor by proxy, and tongue fuck Ashley’s ass with the same intensity.
Ashley also reached down with her other hand, and was patting away at her clit. I started to sense a little trembling in Ashley’s body, and I did everything in my power to keep my focus and not change what I was doing, since clearly it was working. I had my tongue as deep in her as it would go, and she was grinding against me too, then I saw her pussy lips starting to make this amazing spasming motion, and next thing I knew her whole body had tensed up as she had her own massive orgasm. I had to bob my head back a bit as she writhed in ecstasy, and just then, I heard a little noise and felt a little breeze on my face. Ashley had done a little poot right into my nose and face, and I loved it. I secretly wished she would do it again, but I decided just to relish that it had happened at all.
Ashley had managed to keep her tongue deep in Stephanie as all this was happening too, but the moment was coming for everybody to take a little break. We all looked at one another, and smiled.
Wait. You haven’t cum yet! Ashley exclaimed. “I think you should fuck Stephanie in the ass, right now!”
Yes, yes, fuck my ass! But wait a minute. Stephanie said, and jumped off the bed to her purse, rifled around for a few seconds, then ran back, handed me a little tube of lubricant. She positioned herself right next to Ashley, both on their backs, asses hanging partway off the bed.
Ashley was really enjoying her role, in a way as matchmaker, but also as voyeur, bad influence, naughty girl, and more. “Fuck your cousin’s hot ass!”
I had gotten the lubricant open, and squirted some into my hand and gotten my cock all nice and slippery. But right in front of me, two gorgeous women, open wide, pussies and assholes fully exposed. I squirted a bit more onto my fingertips, and gently caressed Stephanie’s first, Ashley’s second adorable little assholes, but having been fucking and licking for so long, everybody was already nicely slippery.
I stood in front of Stephanie, and the height of the bed, my height, was pretty close to a perfect match. I had to bend my knees a bit, but I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole. I took her by the ankles, and rested them on my shoulders, then held her by her shins and calf muscles. I also happen to have learned a trick or two along the way too, so I said, “Ok. I’m not going to push, but I’m not going to flinch or pull back either. Push yourself on to me; I’m not going to budge.”
Oh, OK. You old pro you! My cousin is full of secrets, isn’t he? she said to Ashley.
Fuck your cousin’s ass. Ashley said, distractedly. She was staring with intent. She wanted to see this. And Stephanie did just what I said. I stood firm, not jamming my cock in to her ass, but not budging either, and Stephanie, completely at her own pace, could wriggle her asshole onto my cock. She wiggled, she jiggled, she rotated her hips, balancing her heels on my shoulder, and next thing you know, her tight and amazing asshole was going further and further down my cock. Once the thickest part got in, I knew I could do miniscule little movements too, to spread the lubricant, and next thing you know, I’m fucking my cousin in the ass!
Oh god, fuck her ass. Fuck her ass! Ashley exclaimed, leaning over just over Stephanie’s pussy to get a closer look. “God, look at that cock in that ass. Fuck it!” Ashley said, as I started gently making strokes into Stephanie’s ass, each stroke just slightly longer and deeper than the last. We were still just getting started.
Oh god, give it to me! Stephanie said, and by now, I had gotten far enough in, and we had found that happy place, that I could just start fucking. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass. You like that Ashley? You like watching my cousin fuck my ass?”
Oh god, your ass is perfect. Ashley was now crouched over on hands and knees, her head so close to Stephanie’s pussy and my cock going in and out of her ass. “God, that’s so hot. So damn hot. I’ve never been this close to a cock going in and out of a hot asshole.”
At this point, Stephanie’s ass felt so good, it was such a turn on, and I was here achieving my lifelong dream, I knew I wasn’t going to retain control much longer. This was just too exciting. I hoped the ladies wouldn’t notice, but I had to slow down my tempo a bit, otherwise I was going to just cum deep in Stephanie’s ass before I wanted to.
Ashley climbed over Stephanie’s body, so technically they were in a 69 position now, and she continued to put her head and eyes as close to my cock going into Stephanie’s ass as possible. “Ohhh, yess! Right there!” Ashley exclaimed. I couldn’t get a perfect view, but it certainly looked to me, as if Stephanie had started giving Ashley a little ass licking of her own. God, this was hot.
Ashley was intentionally not licking Stephanie’s pussy, I gathered that being a grown up adult who knew what she was doing, and she realized that she should avoid Stephanie’s pussy after having licked her ass. I admired her for her wisdom. But something about how close Ashley was keeping her face to the action told me to try something.
Given all that had happened, all that we had all shared, that Ashley had told us she was an ass freak, and that she seemed to be intentionally breathing in the smell of our anal sex, there was something else I’d seen in movies, but never thought happened in real life. I pulled my cock out of Stephanie’s ass for a moment, and offered it to Ashley to suck.
She instantly took it deep in her mouth, and sucked my cock hard and deep. She pulled back, looked up at me with urgency, and said “Again!” We did that three or four more times. Ashley was sucking my cock so hard, it almost scared me. “Ok, cum in her ass.” Ashley ordered. “You’ll get mine later, right now just cum in your cousin’s hot ass!”
Umm. I heard from the background, Stephanie’s voice. I knew what that meant. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to cum in her ass more than anything I’d ever wanted in my life, but as I mentioned earlier, I’ve learned a few things over the years, one of them being, ‘Don’t cum in a girls ass unless she tells you to cum in her ass’. So since Stephanie said “Umm.” and not “Cum in my ass.” I knew not to cum in her ass.
I leaned down to Ashley’s ear, and said, “I’m pulling out, and I’ve just gotta cum, now. Where should I cum?” In my mind, I’m thinking “Please oh please tell me to cum in your mouth. Please please please please please!” but I would also be happy however it turns out.
Cum on her belly. I’ll lick every last drop up of your hot cum. Ashley said passionately.
Wow, that’s incredibly sexy too. I can do that. I pick up the ass-fucking intensity on Stephanie, building myself up past the point of stopping, and just when I’m at that point, I pull out, pump my cock with my hands a few time, and aim at Stephanie’s mons and belly. I release a powerful hot blast, that fires out at 100 miles an hour. It’s almost a direct hit, but it’s hard to aim your cum with complete accuracy, part of it blasts Ashley’s chin and neck, but mostly it gets to Stephanie’s abdomen. The next spurt is always easier to aim, that creates a sexy trail across Stephanie’s abdomen, the third is adding, and by the fourth and fifth spasm, nothing is coming out any more, but my cock is still twitching.
Mmm! Stephanie and Ashley both moan. Ashley from seeing it, Stephanie from feeling the heat. Ashley kisses at the stripes and budding ponds of cum on Stephanie’s abdomen, and starts licking and sucking it all up. “Hold my hair.” she says, and I reach down and hold her hair up. She systematically licks every drop up, at times using her finger to collect any she can’t lick up (including my cum on her chin). She sits up and climbs off of Stephanie, but keeps on collecting the cum and making sure she doesn’t miss a drop. She’s almost in a daze.
Sorry. she giggled. “I’m kind of a cum freak too.”
We all laughed and had a warm moment together, all taking a breather. And the night was just getting started. There were twenty toes in this bedroom that I hadn’t sucked yet.
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by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

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