Incest stories: My Summer Back Home – Chapter 7

Incest stories: My Summer Back Home – Chapter 7
Author: Charles Grey
“I think you can slide it in me now.” I said, trying to hide how eager I was for him to fuck me.
I don’t think I needed to make him wet. By now my pussy was staining the sheets, probably even the mattress itself. He dragged himself down my body, feeling his heavy cock trail down my torso. The closer it got to my hole the more excited I became. It must of turned him on to fuck my tits. Usually he rubs my clit with the head, or moves it up and down between my folds. Today he just stuck me. I felt like he shanked me and that all I could feel is the foreign object tearing through my body. I gasped at the sudden surge of sex. His pace was quick off the bat.
Attention returned to my neck, mixing the two different sensations together with one another. I fell in love with the feeling of his balls slapping against me. It reminded me every time that he was so deep in me, fucking his big sister deeper and harder than anyone has ever done. A sense of relaxation washed over me, like my happiness just flooded my muscles and erased any trace of stress.
I laid there, totally enfolded in the sex, and just let my body get repeatedly impaled. The first orgasm of the day would soon reach me. It’s amazing that no matter how much time he spends inside of me, my little wet hole stays tight. I always feel him spread me open and tear me down the middle. The room filled up with our moans, mixing with the ambience of what home has now become.
“Come on big boy. Make your sister cum again with that dick of yours. Come on Jace, your sister needs to cum on you.” I begged of him practically.
His hips started to thrust harder, drilling into my tight little cunt. I sparked something in him, the same way I always do when I want to cum. There was such vigor in him now, his moans turning into grunts. He wanted to make me feel good. Despite the cracks in which his dominate side bled through, he was always kind, always caring. Right now in his hormonal mind the only thing that mattered was my pleasure, not his, and I could feel this mindset take over his physical being.
“O-oh yeah b-baby. Don’t s-stop.” I hissed between the impaling he gave me.
My fingers dug into his skin, almost to the point of making him bleed, my legs clenched around him, locking him in place. It was rising in my body, the orgasm that was about to rock me senseless. Before I knew it I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my pussy shooting out a gush of tasty cum. I sprayed him all over his penis and hips.
I remember he once confessed that he often looked at porn where the girl squirts. Slowly I’m becoming everything my brother could ever want. Again my pussy tightened around him, a vice like grip against his throbbing member, begging for him to stay inside and never leave. With being under him I didn’t have to worry about falling off to the side somewhere. I let my body get paralyzed in ecstatic joy and enveloped myself in the ripples of good feelings. As he felt me spray him in my incestious juices, he held me closer to him, his arms suffocating me as he pressed me closer to his broad chest.
“You feel so damn good when you cum,” He stated, his mouth right next to my ear. “You get so tight. You like it when I make your pussy cum baby girl?” He asked.
I could only manage a nod, my head moving up and down faster than if I was going down on him. I heard him laugh while not slowing down his rhythm in the slightest. I was starting to come down from my pleasure high, returning to the moment and all it offered. That was when I shifted us, rolling over so I was now on top.
The movement was so fluid and executed perfectly that I managed to keep him inside of me while we transitioned. We were at the edge of the bed now, I was careful to not roll us off. It made him smile through a soft moan. My hips immediately found a beat, gyrating him as my pussy dragged against his pelvis area. Not long into my lusty move did my phone ring out. It was on the drawer beside my bed. It was a special ringtone, which meant it could only be one person.
“Sarah!” I shouted, dancing up and down his pole.
I leaned forward, my out stretched fingers reaching for my phone.
“Are you serious right now? We’re having sex.” Jace pointed out.
“Oh shut up and suck my tits,” I defended, rubbing my chest against his face.
As commanded, I felt his mouth find my big and hard nipple. It made it more difficult in trying to grab my phone. After a few moans I had it in my grasp. I went back and sat straight on top of Jace, looking through my phone.
“It’s a picture message,” I notified. My body kept a slow pace, making sure that the pleasing didn’t stop. I opened the message and was immediately turned on even more. I let out a shocked laugh, holding my hand up to my gaping mouth. I turned the phone and shoved it in his face. “Do you think she’s hot?” I asked. She was in the mall as far as I could tell, and her face was covered in cum. Whenever I thought I was adventurous and kinky my mind promptly reminded me of the girl I spent the last year sharing a dorm with. She was all kinds of deprived and acted like some sort of sex figure in which I looked up to.
“She’s cute. She looks hot with how happy she is under all that cum.” He said, his cock twitching inside of me.
I replied to her, telling her how sexy and dirty she is.
*What have you been up to this summer??* Sarah questioned.
*I’ve kinda been hooking up with this one guy ;)* I sent. Almost instantly she replied.
*OMG! Lemme see him. Is he huge? Can he fuck? Does he have a brother?* She interrogated. He didn’t have a brother but he sure does have a sister.
“She wants to see you. Is it ok if I send her pictures?” I asked. His face turned red and defensive.
“She doesn’t know I’m your brother right?” He panicked.
“Sarah doesn’t know anything about my family. I never showed her pictures and never talked about it,” I said. I could see his face turn sad, hearing that his sister neglected to tell her friends of her loving family back home. “But,” I went, trying to cheer him up, “You’re all I can think about and all I wanna talk about. As far as she knows, you’re just some guy I’m hooking up with. And now she wants to know what you look like.” He started to smile now.
“Well let’s not disappoint her.” He said, giving me permission to photograph him.
I started to slide off of his body.
“Woah what are you doing?” He asked, not wanting the pleasure to stop.
I felt every inch slip out of my tight cunt. It sent shivers up my back. I finally got his, what felt like a mile long, cock out of me. Handing him the phone, I lowered myself down until my head was next to his shaft. I took a firm grip of him at the base and let the huge meat slap and rest against my face.
“Take a picture.” I said, smiling as half my face was being covered.
No refusal was spoken. Instead, Jace fumbled with the device until finally he brought open the camera. I gave the sluttiest smile I could gather, the tip of my tongue pressing against his shaft. I could smell my cum on him, making me want to suck him clean.
“There,” He said, trying to hand me back the phone.
“Oh no, we’re not done yet,” I clarified. “I’m gonna swallow your whole cock and you’re going to take a picture of me being the good throat whore that I am. Got it?” I said quite demandingly so. Like a good brother he nodded.
I started slow, licking the length of him deeply. I pressed my tongue so hard against him it must’ve felt like I was squeezing him. Up on his tip I started to make out with him. My tongue swirled all over his already wet cockhead. I made sure to flick my tongue wildly on the underside of it, sucking on the skin as tightly as I could.
“Ready?” I asked. From behind the phone I could see his eager nod.
I inserted the tip, looking up at the camera as innocently as I could. Jace snapped a picture, happy that he read my mind. More and more I began to suck him in. My throat was closing in on him, constricting his beautiful cock like a second cunt. Finally my lips touched base down at his balls and pelvis. I looked up at him, throat bulged, eyes teary, my lips smiling the best they could, and it was then that he snapped the photo. Satisfied, I began to remove his scepter from the crevices of my mouth. Skillfully, he managed to snap off a shot as the tip left my mouth, spit hanging carelessly. My hand went to jerk him patiently,
“One more.” I announced.
My brother looked at me, puzzled. Feeling kinky I began to climb his body, dragging my sopping cunt against his skin. I had arrived at my destination, my pussy inches from his lips. I loved feeling his nose rub against my bush as he viciously tongued me.
“I need a face shot, now give me that handsome pussy eating smile.” I requested.
He couldn’t help but smile, sticking his tongue out to touch me softly. I could his feel his breath on my vagina, the heat tickling my cunt. I enjoyed the work of his mouth before taking the final picture. Hopefully the subtle features of his face don’t look too much like me. His eyes were darker which helped. Either way I carelessly took the picture, salivating over how hot this whole thing was. I sent the pictures, letting them speak for themselves. Staying in place I awaited her reply. Thankfully, it was a while before she did.
*Holy fuck!!! He’s huge. I got wet seeing you throat that monster. Trying to one up me?? He’s hot. You got yourself a keeper. I wouldn’t mind sharing him with you ;)* She replied.
That got me thinking. Sarah and I have been with each other, we even shared a dorm room while getting fucked. But to my sudden surprise, we have never been in a threesome.
“She thinks you’re hot and hung,” I mentioned, seeing his grin spread further while under my enticing pussy. “I have to agree, little brother.” I ruffled his hair, letting the incestious idea fuel our lust even more. The fire between us was burning even hotter now.
“So you think my friend is hot huh? Is she hotter than me?” I asked, wondering if my brother is into tiny, public cumwhore brunettes.
“Not as… hot as you… Jules.” He assured between tongue attacks.
A cheesy smile crawled on my face. I knew he found her attractive, her cum walking helped ensure that idea. I tried to be subtle in bringing up the threesome idea.
“Would you want to fuck her together with me?” I asked. Like I said, I tried to be subtle. Doesn’t mean I succeeded in being subtle.
He looked at me, similar to the way he did when he first admitted his dirty thoughts about me. A pause was held between us, him thinking it over.
“That’d be kinda weird wouldn’t it be?” He blurted.
“It doesn’t have to be. You should see how submissive she can be. It’s where I got it from. It’ll be like having two of me. Doesn’t that excite you?” I edged.
“It does, it’s just I haven’t been with anyone else besides you. I’m scared that I’d fuck up.” He opened up.
It was cute to see him all nervous again. I got so excited, preparing myself to expose him to this brand new world with me again. I couldn’t wait to ease him on in, reminding him that his loving sister wanted nothing but the best and most intense moment of pleasure I could offer.
“Maybe at first, when we started doing this, you’d be bad at it. But you’ve gotten so much better since then. All this fucking has made you into an orgasm machine. You could last at least an hour before cumming, and even then you could still fuck. Your mouth is amazing and your hands have the right balance between teasing and giving,” I slid myself down, laying next to him. Resting my chin on his shoulder, I smiled, making him feel comfortable.
“I have no doubt that you would be able to satisfy me and Sarah at the same time,” I said before planting a warm kiss on his lips. I could taste my pussy on him as I did. “So how about it big boy, wanna fuck your big sis and her slutty best friend?” I offered.
A moment was spent thinking about it. I filled the silence with the sound of my slick hand running up and down his member, wet with spit and juices.
“Sure. I want that.” He answered, a faint confident tone in his voice.
I giggled, excited like a small girl getting ready for a birthday party, or something innocent in a nature like that. My fingers flew all around my keyboard.
*Come Friday at noon. Parents are out of town for the weekend. He said he wants to take us on both. 429 Theben road.* I sent.
*Ugh! You suck. I have to wait ‘till Friday??* She sent, eager to feel my brother’s cock in her holes.
“She’s getting mad that she has to wait to fuck you.” I said, returning to my rightful place on top of him. I grinded up and down on his shaft, feeling the muscle throb under me.
“Why did you say Friday?” He questioned, knowing that we’ll be alone as soon as Thursday morning rolls around.
It is only Tuesday. I felt my desire to be with Sarah again rise, my heart to longing for the day to come. I felt red, almost embarrassed at my reasoning. It was selfish and hormonal.
“I want to have you for myself.” I admitted.
He chuckled at me, laughing at my childlike manner. It was true though. I was all for sharing him, his sexual talents, but apart of me felt possessive, like I could be the only one to be impaled by his lovely cock. Only I could suck him off and receive his large load. It felt so lustful too, along with selfish, but the carnal desire was so strong, I almost told Sarah to fuck off. But I knew better. I knew she would be able to spice things up between us. Plus to feel him inside of me and her tongue on me, I’d cum in seconds.
*Take it or leave it slut. But we both know you’ll just take it like always.* I responded to her.
*You’re lucky I wanna feel that thing inside of me. I’ll see you Friday ;* Laterz* She said, ending the conversation.
My attention returned to the reality before me, still grinding against his thick shaft.
“Now that that’s done,” I said, looking down at our private parts, then up to him. “I can get back to draining this hard piece of yours.” I timed the end of my sentence, finishing it off with a swift shove of my hips, swallowing him into my body.
Right away he started to moaning, loving the feeling of my hot pussy wrapping itself around his pulsating member. I bit my bottom lip, savoring the distinct feeling of being split open by my brother. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of that feeling, nor used to it. Jace had spent countless hours inside of me these past two weeks, and still my little pussy was kept tight for him. The wonders of the female body am I right?
Our sex had escalated. I was riding him like a madman, forcing him to shove his cock deep into my body, probing my stomach. Firmly planted on my ass, his grip was becoming tighter. I had come to read the signs. The way his hands held onto me like no tomorrow, his sudden urge to bite down on something, his moans turning into a pleading groan, if my sight would allow I would see his calf muscles tensing and relaxing and tensing and relaxing. I had him on the ropes. Soon my little cunt would be flowing with his seed.
It was the first fuck of the day, which meant the biggest load of them all. I didn’t have enough time to dismount and cover his head with my mouth. My mouth watered at the thought and memories of him shooting his load into my mouth. I feel like he shoots more cum than the entire football team. He was my cum machine, filling me up with my burning desires.
“F-fuck Jules I-I’m gonna cum!” He gasped.
His hands shot outward, holding me at the shoulders. He yanked by body down, making me lay down on top of him. I couldn’t move, not that I wanted to. He controlled my body so roughly, putting me where he wants me and keeping me there. He started screaming into the air, filling the room with noise that wasn’t his rod sliding in and out of me. I moaned into his ear as his first rope of cum shot into me. The warmth spread out among me, inside of me. I shuddered above him, my body convulsing along with his. So much more cum was starting to flood me. My mouth couldn’t help itself as it started to moan uncontrollably.
After what felt like a whole minute his body stopping pumping me, relaxing as he came down from his climax. I could feel him getting softer while still inside of me. The air from his chest kept escaping him, leaving him breathless while I still played with his limp body. I lifted myself from his cock, feeling the cum just pour out of me, leaving a trail of juices for me to lick up. Finally, exiting me with a slushy plop, he was out of me.
I was free from his death grip, and I decided to sit back on his thighs. My feet were beside each of his arms, my knees high in the air, my cunt dripping all over his balls. Thin compared to his member, my fingers found their way into my pussy. I rubbed the cum onto the walls of my cunt, feeling it seep over my fingers, up my knuckles, all over my hand.
When I was done I lifted my hand in the air, seeing the mess of a state it was in. Instinctively, like the good girl I am, I stuck my fingers into my mouth. I could feel the slime move as I sucked them clean. Every little inch of my hand I licked thoroughly, making sure I got every bit of the mess into my mouth. This was like an appetizer as my eyes fell back down to Jace’s hips. His whole cock and beside it was just wet with his cum and my juices. I was mesmerized by the sight of it.
“Well aren’t you gonna clean me up?” He asked, looking at my entranced expression.
Without a word I did what was asked of me. Starting at his balls my mouth became a vacuum, sucking tightly at his skin as I tried my hardest to clean him of our stain. I worked over his cock, moaning while my lips were firmly wrapped around his wet sticky shaft. Jace enjoyed it, the way I inched up his cock, cleaning him of his own cum that spewed into his sister’s cunt.
The moans were soft, sensual, unlike the heavy grunts he made as he pumped me to the brim. The familiar taste of his spunk began to coat my mouth, leaving every swallow to taste like him. It turned me on so much. At last his cock was clean, the tip of it was heavily drenched and I enjoyed removing any and all essence of his cum. My tongue found his hips, taking up what poured out of me and onto his perfect and smooth body. My lips dragged all over him, moving to wherever might have been a droplet of cum. I wanted it all.
“I would have loved it if you let my mouth take your huge load.” I admitted, licking up the last of the cum. I could still feel a streak run down my inner thighs.
“What fun would that be? I like it when you clean me up. It feels so sensual.” He revealed.
And it did. It did feel sensual. Usually our actions were lustful, carnal, desperate for pleasure. While sometimes it felt like making love, most of the time I felt like I was getting the hell fucked right out of me. But there was something so slow and sweet in the way I cleaned him up. It was patient and smooth. I wasn’t exactly forcing my head down to choke on his dick.
It felt like pure loving, a soft desire. It always ended in me cuddling up next to him. We would lay there for however long it lasted. Sometimes we took naps, waking up scared that it would be late and that our parents would be just getting home. But every time I woke up with that fear, the simple feeling of him next to me would ease it away.
It wasn’t long before we went at it again. He had bent me over, his hands rubbing all over my ass before shoving himself into me. Doggystyle made me feel him as deep as I could. It felt like more than just penetration. It felt like he was growing inside of me, tearing away everything in the path of his swollen head. He would smack my ass and the pain would make me clench, making him moan a little harder than before. Even then there was still a gentle touch to his force. He spanked me playfully.
I didn’t want it to be playfully. My submissive whoreness kept growing, manifesting within my body. I wanted him to really smack me, leave my ass red and stinging with pain. I sometimes wanted him to slap me across the face, choke me, yank on my hair. For some reason I couldn’t voice these desires. I didn’t want to push him away or make him feel uncomfortable.
This was something he had to get over himself. Sadly I couldn’t do much to help, other than await his sudden snap and take whatever he dished out on me. There was hope when I gave him head. He’d hold me in place, gently, by my hair and thrust into my mouth. It was never hard, being kind to my throat. I looked up at him during those moments, wishing he could see it in my eyes and just fuck away at my mouth. He never did.
After countless orgasms and sneaky sucks of his cock, Thursday had finally arrived. I couldn’t sleep, the anticipation was too much. It was 5:30 in the morning and sleep was but a distant concept for me. My parents wouldn’t leave until 7:45. There was nothing to do. Everyone was sleeping and would be until an hour has passed. I wanted to be naked already.
I wanted to be bare and stared at randomly inside of my own house. I wanted to be taken whenever the desire arose, to be grabbed and forced into slut mode and take Jace’s massive dick into whatever hole he pleased. I started to get aroused, I could feel the wetness press against me from my soon to be soaked panties. This night was not one of the nights where my brother came in silently and decided to take me in the quietness of our home. Then it hit me, he didn’t always have to be the one to sneak in.
I stood up, my eyes accustomed to the lack of light. My face was natural and my hair was a mess. I wore a loose t-shirt and some basketball shorts than I’m particularly fond of. I took it all off. I looked at myself in my full body mirror that hung on my door. I ran my hand down from my neck, stopping to give my plump tits a hard slow squeeze.
It continued its journey downward, skimming atop of my slightly toned stomach, and finally resting above my black haired bush. I ran my fingers through the hair, sliding down the sides of my pussy. My warm fingertips jumped onto my clit, rubbing myself as I watched my own body bring me pleasure. I watched like how Jace would, entranced and intrigued. I loved my body, knowing just how sexy I was. Somedays I wish I could have some out of body experience and fuck my own self.
I’d plow my pussy for hours until I was begging for a break. I ran my damp fingers across my pink lips, coating them thinly with a layer of my juices. I watched as I started to suck them. God how my lips pursed perfectly all around them, the indention of my cheeks as I sucked harder. No wonder some guys couldn’t last with my mouth working them over. At that moment I decided that I needed Jace in my mouth, I just had to suck him.
Across the hall from me, I tiptoed my way to his door. It was unlocked. Yes! I slipped inside and locked the door behind me. Little brother was always a heavy sleeper, which is why I wasn’t worried about the lock clicking behind me. Soundlessly I sauntered towards the side of the bed which he was sleeping on. Hopefully the summer heat was on my side and made Jace sleep in the almost nude, if not completely. I almost jumped him as I uncovered his body. The only thing that kept him from being utterly bare was his flowing boxers. From where I stood I could see the outline of his semi hard penis. It nearly poked from the lower rim of the underclothing.
I dropped to my knees, my tall body still able to lean over his sleeping figure. The opening of his boxers were undone, leaving a gaping hole from which my hand took advantage of. My fingers slipped inside his underwear. Softly I grazed them across the length of him. I watched him as he barely stirred in response to my presence. After a few short touches, confirming that he was knocked out cold, I took ahold of his member. I fished him out, my hand unable to wrap around him completely even when soft.
His limp tip pointed towards me as I snaked him out of his boxers. How could I resist. I let the first few inches into my mouth. My tongue pressed against him while inside, squeezing him with the roof of my mouth and tongue. He felt so squishy when he was soft. When hard I was convinced that I could bend steel around him, but there was something so cute and innocent in sucking his unaware soft cock. Jace barely moved as my mouth began to suck him rhythmically, the only noticeable change was his breathing and its quickening pace.
“I hope you’re dreaming about me little brother.” I whispered to myself, wondering if his mind was aware that his cock hungry sister was giving him a blowjob while he slept the night away.
Who knew things could feel even more taboo with all that’s already been done. Sucking him off while he slept was so kinky, it felt wrong in all the right ways, so dirty and desperate. I swirled my tongue harder around his cockhead before taking it down my mouth. I think he was starting to moan in his sleep. He certainly was breathing hard, but now I was fairly sure that he was having quite the wet dream. He most definitely should be, it’s not like I’m sucking his cock while he’s probably dreaming of doing just exactly that. I can’t imagine what he would think if he woke up. I bet he’d be so confused and turned on. God knows if he was using my mouth in my sleep I’d wake up wet and ready for a good pounding.
To my surprise I felt him start to get hard. I could no longer squish him against my mouth. I could feel him thicken and travel deeper into my hole as his body began to realize the pleasure I’m giving him. I was trying my hardest to suppress my moans, feeling so turned on that just down the hall my parents were sleeping. The night was mine, doing whatever it is I please, no matter how sick and twisted it was. I will suck on my younger blood brother’s cock while he sleeps if I want to. And I really want to.
The whole situation pleased me down to my soul, surpassing my physical being. I couldn’t stay away from this wonderful penis. I started sucking more carelessly, moving faster up and down on his cock, never leaving my wet warm mouth for even an instant. If I wanted to lick him like the delicious treat he was, I’d simply leave the tip in my mouth and ravious him with my tongue. Jace stirred a little whenever I did, making him toss his head to the opposite side, a moan slipping through the cracks of his lips.
“Julia…” He moaned softly.

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