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Houseboat Vacation – Part 2 by Hutter James

Farmers Daughter – Parts 5 & 6 by somebastard69 – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Elizabeth swallowed hard and closed her eyes again, moving her head towards the cock that was growing inch by inch in her hands. A massive speckled cockhead was emerging; the prickhead was nearly flat with a giant slit ready to pump out a gallon of horse cum. Cringing, her body shaking with tears, fright, and disgust, she opened her lips and took the horse cock into her mouth. There was only about 6″ of it out at the moment, but it was growing larger with each moment. Liz had to keep backing away, making room for the gigantic prick. Her eyes grew wide in shock at the sight of such an enormous piece of meat. John had his phone out, taking video of the incredibly raunchy sight. Sucking sounds began to fill the stable.

Meeting Daddy in the Past – Chap 3 – incest sex story

“Sure,” he says with a grin. “We can talk.”

2017 Latest Incest sex story: Making Mindy Mine Part 2

– by Milik_the_Red

Incest stories: A Perfect Thunderstorm

Incest stories: A Perfect Thunderstorm – Chap 1A

Childs Play: Incest sex stories 2015

Incest sex stories: Child’s Play

Going Nova ch. 11: All of Brie by sodapopsweet – incest sex stories

Through pants and gasps, Brie stammered out, “I mean, I do want cummies.”

Androids of Evergreen – part 3 Athena by Mr.Finch – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Disclaimer: I will be naming several porn stars and fictional characters from other media in this series. The porn stars I name are fictional versions and I own none of the fictional characters from other media, they too are fictional versions. , Thomas Evergreen enjoyed the feeling of Chloe’s body against his even when they weren’t fucking. They were laying down on the living room couch, both facing the tv.

Road to Discovery: Daughter and Dad by PrairieDad1 – Incest sex stories

As Ken licks and sucks and eats her pussy, Kristy squirms and humps her groin into his face.

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An investigative reporter elicits even more intimate details from a teen girl having sex with her dad. , I am an investigative reporter for a mid sized newspaper. I previously conducted an interview with a 16-year old girl whose father was sentenced to jail for having sex with her. The interview was too graphic to be published in a newspaper so I posted it on this site. However, a great amount of detail from the original interview was not included in the initial story at the request of the girl. But now she has authorized me to publish the missing parts of the interview. At the time the interview took place, the girl was 19 years old.

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Leyla’s brother arranges for a massive gangbang! , Daughter’s Slut Training

Training Daddys Daughters – part 2 by AeLee – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Author’s Note: Forgive any mistakes, I don’t think I’ve ever written this fast. After seeing the attention the last part received, I really wanted to get this out there as quick as possible since the next part may take a little longer.

Daughters Slut Training 09 by mypenname3000 – Incest sex story

Brother’s Naughty Help

Incestuous Harems Passion 18: Incestuous Meeting by mypenname3000 – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“Fuck her, bro!” she moaned and planted her pussy right on my face.

Family Affairs – Teri and Emily – Part 2 – Chapter 5

“Sorry, you just surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that. So what does that have to do with this?” I reached up and wiped a small tear from her face.

Incest Tales of the Quarantine 05 by mypenname3000 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Daughter’s Hot Mom Seduction

2017 Incest story: Making Mindy Mine – by Milik_the_Red

2017 Incest story: Making Mindy Mine Part 1

Incest stories: SEXIE DADDY – Chapter 2

Author: blueheatt

Incest story: A Reluctant Daughter – Chap 4A

Author: dirtydiana18

2017 incest story: The Anonymous & The Curious – Chap 2C

As Elizabeth began to squat, I saw her slit spread again, slightly more this time; and again I could see small, sticky strands of wetness trying to decide which side they were going to stick to. As she lowered further, I was also treated to a beautiful view of her young puckered asshole. Then I lost sight of everything as Elizabeth’s wet virgin pussy settled right on my face.

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Do you take your father to be your lawfully wedded husband? , Part 6

Daughters Slut Trainign 13: Sister Gets Gangbanged by mypenname3000 – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“You two are going to make me cum so fucking hard!” I squealed, clenching down on their dicks. “Do it! Keep pounding me!”

Incest story: A Step in the Wrong Direction – Part 1 by SteveX

Incest story: A Step in the Wrong Direction – Part 1

Excerpts from a Daughter’s Diary – 1 by Fatman50 – Page 3 of 3 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I knew l should have been angry but really l just didn’t care, l knew that l had never loved Joe it had always just been convenient to keep him as a boyfriend as there weren’t many decent boys my age available. Mum said l would be better with an older man, l said that l had been thinking about Mr Watkins at work, she said that might be a good idea, it could be good for my career.

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