My Mom Has No Choice – Chapter 2 – by kparc1212 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

My mother reached for the power off button on the security system. I grabbed her wrist tightly, stopping her.

Lillian Bell – Chap 3: The Centre of Attention by MrMac


Incestia – Chap 6 by NeonChameleon – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Do you take your father to be your lawfully wedded husband? , Part 6

Incest story: Sister in law – Chap 4

Author: Thehab

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I am Sarah, I have invited three people, two females and a male, around this Sunday to watch my man worship my ‘glorious ass’ – his decision, which I like.

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My Mother is a Piss Whore Mom – Chapter 4

After our shower mom went to make us something to eat. Both of us were hungry from our heavy sex. Naked in the kitchen, mom moved around, her big tits swayed as she moved smiling knowing I loved seeing her naked body.

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Their parents had gone to bed, their spousal discussions now silent, and the TV was quiet at last. Mike’s younger sister Jessie had gone to bed long ago, and was always a deep sleeper. Other than crickets chirping in the spring air, their country house was hushed.

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This is a fictional account of a man raising his teenage daughter, and this leads to an incestuous relationship. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on. This story does NOT involve forced sex or abuse, but is about a loving, tender relationship that could well happen. If you enjoy, please vote, and comments are welcome. , Daughter’s Accident

The Bastard king Beyond the Wall – Chap 2: The taking of a Frey

Genres: Fantasy, Fan fiction, Hardcore, Male/Female, Pregnant

Incest stories: My Sister and Me – by Lovemysister

Incest stories: My Sister and Me – Part 1

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Then I felt my brother placed his hand on the top of my head and started running his fingers through my long raven black hair. A few seconds later, I felt my brothers hand trying to push my head down to his penis. I yelled out giggling, “Seriously, what the fuck, REALLY!” hesitating for a second, as I thought to myself, “I’ve got a good Buzz going and feeling good from the alcohol, so why not do it. My brother wants me to suck his penis off, well I’m going to suck him off real good, he’s going to remember this.” I said out loud to my brother, “Okay I’ll do it to make you feel good, I’ll suck my brother’s penis off and give you pleasure.” And taking a deep breath, I let my brother push my head down and my lips to his penis. I slowly parted my lips, the head of my brother’s penis slid over my lips and into my mouth.

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First, let me apologize for taking so long to revisit this story. I really struggled with certain aspects of it, and had to set it aside to finish the Chris and Christie series. After some time away, I think that I’ve come back with a better handle on the characters involved.

Sisterly Love – Luna and Riley – Chap 9 by RebHillBabe – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Luna and Riley’s parents begin to fight as new things come to light! , Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Rape story: Stephanie – Just When Things Turned Around – Chap 5

by morg1284

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As Ken licks and sucks and eats her pussy, Kristy squirms and humps her groin into his face.

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Sitting up straight on top of me, she tells me to lie still, as she begins to roll and circle her hips slowly. I cannot describe how good it feels. I marvel at the sight of my mother’s beautiful, sexy, naked body as she rides me.

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By Charlie Flemming

2017 true sex story: Bahamas Vacation – Chapter 5

True Story, Black, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Male/Female

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“This is Liberty base. The National Weather Service has issued a revised winter storm warning for our area. Forecasters are calling for up to 36 inches of snow starting tonight at 5 PM with blizzard conditions beginning at 6:30 PM. Snow will continue throughout the evening and into late tomorrow afternoon. Winds south by southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 120 mph along exposed ridges. Return home immediately. Please acknowledge.”

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Naughty Slut Becomes a MILF Ch. 02 — Slutty MILF decides to ‘Try Out’ her cub again.

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The next day, Dan decided to get his chores out of the way early. He didn’t really mind helping with the laundry, especially washing panties, even his mom’s. The only problem was his perpetual hard on handling bras and panties.

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Lesbian sex stories: Possesion – Prologue

Life Redone – part 7A – free sex stories

Including: Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore, Male/Female, Oral Sex, School

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Rob hacks into his sister’s Twitter account and sends fake tweets, that turn out to come true. , Annie looked around the campus with a smile. She’d enjoyed her last year of high-school much, much more than the rest put together. Like a switch inside of her, she’d suddenly been aware of how hot the other students were…and more importantly, how hot she was. Everywhere she looked, she was hit with eye-candy beyond her wildest desires. The overweight guy in the sweatshirt, poring over a chemistry textbook…she wanted nothing more than to crawl over to him, and beg to suck his cock. The rake-thin hunk with braces and acne? If he’d thrown a look her way, she’d lay down and let him fuck her right there.

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