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They both in unison penetrate her as she is impaled at either end, the man behind her is tall and once impaled her toes , again are just barely touching the ground! These men are not gentle or caring . Brutal animal desire takes over, they are both trying to use her as a back stop in some sort of perverted sadistic soccer game of lust ! She is forced between them like raw cunt meat tossed into a pit of wild dogs, as they really pound her ! The harsh fucking has become more painful and intense.

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Incest stories: SMOTHER ME

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[Author’s note: all characters over the age of 18]

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“David, for you, I’ll do most anything. I will be happy to keep an eye on both her and Diane, so you don’t have to worry tonight,” she tells me.

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“How about tonight?”

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Day 13-Sunday September 12

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Good looking dads shouldn’t sleep alone , He was dead asleep when she crept into the room. Carefully navigating her way into her dad’s room, she walked over to his side of the bed and assessed the situation. Beer cans told Avery all she needed to know. There were a few empty cans that needed to be moved, as well as his laptop. She caught sight of the flashing gifs of a porn site- which explained why his flaccid cock was hanging out of his briefs.

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A Dom Party for Lindy

Adult fantasy story: The Ten of Them – Chapter 18

by Hard93

Cuckold stories: The Devils Pact – Chapter 24: Homecoming

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Author: derek33

Incest stories: My Summer Back Home – Chapter 10

Author: Charles Grey

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I can barely contain my excitement. Tonight’s the night I’ve been waiting for. Our tenth anniversary and the promise that Greta made to me on our wedding night.

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Janie and I emerged from the jungle trail into the bright morning sun on the beach. Fellow castaways were now stirring, and people began conglomerating near last night’s fire pit. We shared out some more food, less than any of us wanted, and tried to make sense of the situation. Our new island community was a motley crew.

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My throat clenched tight I dared say nothing. Inside my chest, my heart screamed out in despair and it took all my will to suppress my growing urge to cry. He came toward me and my skin grew cold as he reached for my chain. I was certain he would force himself on me again, but he only unlocked the ring that connected my chain to the wall.

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This part is including of Fantasy, BDSM, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Female solo, Fisting, Group Sex, Humiliation, Lesbian, Male / Females, Masturbation, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, Teen Female Solo, Threesome theme.

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Kay choked and sputtered as Kris forced his fat, swollen meat into her mouth. He jammed his prick all the way in, butting the back of her throat and making her gag. His strong salty pre-cum dribbled down her throat, adding to her repugnance, but she started sucking his rod, knowing she didn’t dare displease him.

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Jason sat in his Tampa Bay apartment, drinking a beer and watching a Sunday NFL matchup on his new flat screen. Life was good. He was six months into a decent paying job after successfully finishing his MBA and playing four years of college football as an undergrad without any kind of serious injury. His apartment complex had a fitness center, and he had maintained his conditioning by lifting weights whenever he could squeeze in time in the gym.

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Incest story: A Reluctant Daughter – Chap 1

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Erotic Stories – I Met Cassie At The Sex Camp

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Becky smiled at his remark, moving to the middle of the bed laying lengthwise and opening her housecoat revealing her body to him.

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Tell your sister that you have a new boyfriend and that you’ll be home later. Emphasize the boyfriend. Don’t fuck this up or we’ll make you sorry.

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Slave wife Tanya has been rented out for a weekend to a bunch of sadistic men. After they have raped her they clean her with enemas before letting their big dogs rape her. She is turned into a real bitch. Tanya is forced to become a toilet slave, swallowing piss and cleaning asses. Finally she gets exposed to terrible electrical torture all over her body.

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