STEP SISTER’S DILEMMA by smokycat67 – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

My step-sister tensed suddenly, shuddering, moaning around my cock. She rolled her hips, and her lips, dripping and shiny, parted around my dick as she panted heatedly and shuddered. The aroma of an aroused pussy filled the air, and my step-sister winced, jerking a little, breathing hotly on my cock. “Oh, fuck!” she gasped. Then, with a moan, she resumed sucking me with animalistic desperation.

The Young Cherry Cheerleader by King of 69 – Page 4 of 5 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

had them at her command, she knew.

Barbs Terrible Choices by justinaguy – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

The free vacation to Cancun seemed too good to be true. And it was. With her husband held captive due to bogus gambling debts, housewife Barbara Anderson must pay off the corrupt resort owner by making porn videos for him to sell. She is forced into choosing between two scenarios, one of which is sexually humiliating for her but devastating for her two teenage daughters, and the other which is basically the other way around. How cruel is that? , Barbara Anderson found herself in a situation that she could never have imagined. She was sitting on a bed in a hotel room wearing a very revealing negligee while she waited for an unknown number of men, who she had never met, to arrive and have sex with her. To make matters even worse, her two teenage daughters, dressed nearly as scantily as she was, were sitting nearby in order to watch. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there were two men there with cameras to record it all. The married 35 year old mother of two shook her head in disbelief and thought back on how she had arrived at this low point in in life.

Trapped in a Game Pt. 3.3 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


She Liked to Watch by blueheatt – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

A true story as told to me by someone involved. Names changed and all.

The Challenge – Part 2 – Chapter 1: Voyeurism Games by tw_holt – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

A young man is challenged to spy on his mother. , Author’s note: This is another Challenge story. It’s kind of a sequel but not really. The events in the story are happening during the same time frame as the first Challenge story. You don’t have to read the first one, but it may help since they share a few of the same characters. I would suggest reading the first Challenge story, and then read this one. You’ll recognize some of the character cameos when they occur.

Not A Virgin Anymore – Chapter 1 – by LongDickJohnson2281 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Note: this is the sequel to White Stepdad Training His Asian Stepdaughter. Please read that first if you want some story, context, and more erotica. There will be one or two more chapters. , Jenny’s stepfather had successfully trained his young asian teen into a submissive sex slave (read the previous story) that gave him blowjobs whenever he wanted. Jack, Jenny’s stepbrother, still wanted to take his little sister’s virginity.

You Never Forget Your First Time by chris99999 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Whatever the occasion, you never forget it when it’s the first time. It might have been decades ago, but the memory stays vivid. That first proper kiss, the one that’s more than lips just touching. The first time when your hand is on a breast, and the girl doesn’t remove it. It might only have been there for the briefest of time, and that small mound had been covered by a bra and top, but it made your heart beat so fast that you thought that you were going to faint. And when it’s anything to do with what’s between their legs, then the memory stays vivid and real forever.

Mum 3 – More than kissing cousins by Fatman50 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Some experiences l had read about, some l had never dreamt about, my mother introduced me to a world of pleasure. , I tried not to wake up, tried to fight it but the dream began to fade, l wanted to stay there, stay with Gina but reality forced her away. I opened my eyes, there was a clock beside the bed it said six thirty. Why couldn’t l stay asleep just a few seconds longer, just a few more seconds with Gina.

Lindy Series – Dom Party for Lindy by badandy2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

A Dom Party for Lindy

Angela Discovers Exhibitionism by JBEdwards – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Angela Gradually Curates her Exhibitionism

Aunt Ednas Needs – Chap 7 by TheGraduate88 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

We laid, relaxing for a while, enjoying the afterglow of love well made.

Super Friends With Benefits by HLD – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“Heads up, Supes,” I nudged my friend. “Yellow alert. Ten o’clock.”

Summer Days – Chap 7.1 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


Salvation by eroticmonster – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Can Tommy find a way out of his submission? , I swallowed the warm sticky spunk and held onto Hassan’s cock until it was flaccid. He sighed several times and remained motionless with his eyes closed. With gentle motions I rolled the softening meat around my mouth. Every so often his thigh twitched.

Nervous Wreck by PANdelusion – Page 3 of 3 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I knew the answer he wanted now, I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t.

Fucking Wife and Husband [Bi MMMF] by BiBullVers – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I have a buddy named Matt. He’s six feet tall, built like a basketball player, and very submissive. The kind of guy who doesn’t talk in front of a lot of people but when you get him in a small group he’s the nastiest mouthed motherfucker in the room. I’ve been his bull through 10 years and two marriages. I’m the one who helped Matt and Morgan open their marriage, the first guy to make Morgan squirt, the first one to fist her, the first guy whose cum Matt ever ate, and a good chunk of why they lasted as long as they did together.

My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – by mrfootlong69 – Page 11 of 13 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Ben arrives in the birthing suite just as Soyeon delivers her first child. She gives birth to six beautiful baby girls weighing between five and seven pounds. Soyeon names them Soo Yun “Perfect Lotus Blossom”, Soon Bok “Mild, gentle and blessed”, Sun “Goodness”, Sun Hee “Goodness and Pleasure”, Sun Hi “Goodness and Joy”, Sun Jung “Goodness and Nobel”.

NAKED IN SCHOOL by ClockworkOrange – Page 4 of 5 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


A Confession by flashgordon562006 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Note: This story is being written by my wife Lisa. It is her story

Incest stories: Eileen – Part 1

Incest stories: Eileen – Part 1

New drug by arcaine one – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

The drug is nothing like she expects aliens are involved. , My name is Cassandra, I am a connoisseur of psychedelics. I have spend years chasing the perfect high. Seeking that greater understanding of things beyond this world.

Puritan Whores – Chap 3 by Satinslip – Page 3 of 3 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I had finished taking pictures. It would be an exciting set for our porn site. Now it was time to play. The girls looked at me with feigned dread as I snapped my belt between my hands.

Family Potrait by darklord9895 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

4 of them in the family were lusting for each other, but had to come to a photo shoot to sort things out , We are a very close family who spends a lot of time together. Our two kids, a son and daughter, had just come home from school and we were sitting talking. As the evening progressed, I noticed that our daughter and my wife were getting closer to each other as our son moved away from them and over towards me. I didn’t really notice anything different as both of our kids were very loving and as far as I knew, they enjoyed being with us. Little did I know how much they enjoyed it until later that evening.

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