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Business losses are not always unlucky. , Hello Friends,

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2017 erotic stories: State of Affair – Chapter 1

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I appreciated the comments and feedback on the first chapter more than you all could possibly imagine! I ask for the same responsive nature in my readers with this chapter as well.

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Vera wiped tears from her eyes as the taxi pulled up to her house, telling herself that Natasha, Courtney and Brian didn’t need to know how much of a disaster her trip with Greg had been. In all of her talks with her girlfriends, they had NEVER thought that coming out as bi-sexual to a boyfriend would piss him off. Of course, he’d been both drunk and high when she’d told him, but still, the memory of him calling her “beaver breath” and “cunt licker” would never leave her mind. She’d never go back to the bastard again. Not after this.

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True story: Milestone – part 1

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“Shake all you want, I’m not going anywhere,” she laughed.

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True story: The Farmgirl’s Story

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We got back home and we had a snack. The girls wanted to go out and sunbathe but I was tired and told them I was going for a nap. “But you have to put sunscreen on us first!” complained Sarah. How could I say ‘no’ to a chance to feel up their soft, sexy bodies again. I tried not to act too eager. “Oh, really? You guys can’t put on sunscreen? OK, hand me the bottle.”

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