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By Charlie Flemming

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Can Tommy find a way out of his submission? , I swallowed the warm sticky spunk and held onto Hassan’s cock until it was flaccid. He sighed several times and remained motionless with his eyes closed. With gentle motions I rolled the softening meat around my mouth. Every so often his thigh twitched.

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He went soft fast and slipped from me. “Ah look kids, the ‘lil bitch enjoyed it.” Something about the way he dropped his letters.

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A tentacle monster retelling of King Kong starts with the search for an actress. , King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody

The Monster – part 4 – by charlieflemming – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

She pushed her brother down on the bed. Jo just couldn’t stop herself. She forced her tongue into Jack’s mouth and he turned into a corpse again but only for a moment. And that’s when Jo realized, he’s mimicking me! But not just that, he’s adjusting and improving what I’m doing as he goes! The student becomes a master in a matter of seconds! Who is this sex god and what has he done with my brother!?

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She didn’t lay next to me or cuddle for a bit. She didn’t need to, she had me now. She’d bound my wrists and attached them to the bed, pulled her used panties over my head so I could see though the legs, and attached my collar to my neck. After covering me to my nipples with a duvet she’d left. That duvet had been pushed to one side sometime during the night and now I realised I was open to the chilly room. I shivered and stared at the ceiling counting the cracks.

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Houseboat Vacation – Part 2 by Hutter James

2017 lesbian sex story: God is a Slut – by White Walls

Fantasia’s mouth wrapped around one of my nipples. My head titled back in lust and my eyes closed partially. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pressed her closer, willing her to take more of me into her mouth. I felt Apple and Cherry guide me panties down past my ankles, and I shuddered as my lewdness was exposed to them. Fantasia closed her eyes in bliss and gently squeezed both of my breasts as she sucked from a nipple. I felt her pussy leaking fluid on my pelvis; she was aroused by me, and that aroused me even more.

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Serena poked her head into the cockpit, and seeing that both pilots were on board, slid inside and closed the door behind her.

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by Adrianne Van Houten

Indecent Proposal – Fantasy sex stories 2015

Fantasy sex stories: Indecent Proposal

She Comes With The House by AsDiane – Group sex stories

Diane’s master confines her to a house which he rents out to tourists who want a BDSM experience. , SHE COMES WITH THE HOUSE

2017 sex stories: The Man of Sin – Chapter 2

Helena woke up with a scream, reaching up to the ceiling as if to grab a lifeline thrown to her. She was back in her bed but looked around fearfully for Xavier, finding only her concerned roommate.

First time sex stories: A Family Betrayal – Chap 36B

“ Oh no daddy we love each other. It’s just when we play dress up we have to do it in the bathroom. There isn’t enough space for Lindsey,Serena and me to play house because the boys want to play army men or Star Wars.” Karen explains as I see my sisters and godmoms giggle.

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A Bisexual Journey – Chapter 9 – Worshipping the DARK Side

The next morning, Ashley and I both were somewhat anxious about our 10:30 secret rendezvous with Rhianna and Troy respectively. 10:30 was half way through the service and a few minutes into when Reverend Rose usually began his sermon. It was probably the safest time to meet and not be caught but it still caused a lot of trepidation because:

A Divorcee’s Unexpected Journey Part 1 by HornyOldWriter – Page 4 of 4 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“There, now, all nice and comfy,” Rita said, her voice almost purring with desire. Her hands reached behind Becky’s neck for the clasp of her dress’s halter. Undoing it, she slowly pulled the bodice down, revealing her playmate’s breasts in a deliberate teasing fashion.

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The family works on their new family dynamic. Mom wants her son to control her sex life and he talks her into a gangbang. , Chapter 11

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“Fuck her, bro!” she moaned and planted her pussy right on my face.

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The Island – Chapter 6 – Masturbation sex stories

Janie and I emerged from the jungle trail into the bright morning sun on the beach. Fellow castaways were now stirring, and people began conglomerating near last night’s fire pit. We shared out some more food, less than any of us wanted, and tried to make sense of the situation. Our new island community was a motley crew.

Life Changes – Chapter 12 by Deadeye_76 – Group sex stories

The Pregnant Ladies Get Attacked… on Purpose. , A few weeks later, I received a call at work from Ruby, Bill’s boss and Mistress. Bill was Samantha’s (Sam) husband. We had partied with her once before, but she had a very interesting question for me. Apparently, she had some friends who had voiced a possible scenario to her and she couldn’t fulfill the request herself, but was calling to see if I could assist.

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