Family Brothel – Chapter 2 – by Darklord9895 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“Oh yeah, you’re as good as the other bitch!” he screamed.

Latest erotic coupling stories: Agents of Pleasure – Chapter 2.1

Author: derek33

Cumming on Sister by Incestlover95 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Hello this is my first go, no names as of yet and this is not a true story. , This story is not true in anyway it is just something i hope happens or happened this is my fantasy if this isnt something you like then please stop reading. If it is something you enjoy then please tell me what you think.

Family Photoshoot – part 2 by Spector_Dugan – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

The only thing dumber than the first chapter of this story is the fact that I wrote a second part. I mean, seriously? But here we are!

Covid Gloryhole Ch 3. by M.underwood – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Continuation of the glory hole series. Young girl earning money through the gloryhole when things take a dramatic turn

Dog days of summer – Chapter 1 – by jayiscool – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

A high school freshman is hit by lightning and discovers he can enter the mind of of the German Shepherd that belongs to the girl next door

Threesome with SIL and Husband by Debrac28 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I knew it. I knew if given the opportunity, he would succumb. She was just too attractive and I knew how much he fantasized about her. He tried to keep it under wraps, but when my sister Brittany lived with us years ago, I would see him watch her as she walked through the house wearing just a bra and panties. We hadn’t been married too long, but long enough for me to be able to tell what did it for him. And Brittany’s super tiny waist and size F breasts definitely did it for him. Adam was a boob guy, make no mistake about that.

Latest fiction & first time story: Master! Master! – Chapter 10.2

by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

Cousin Tutoring by Dingo_Triplesix – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Rita needs sex lessons for a hot date. Urgently!

A Boy and his Genie – Incest stories

This presented Matt wish an ethical question; was it right? He could do almost anything he wanted, and make people do whatever he wanted. He didn’t know who had sent him Lumiosa, or why. Maybe he was being tested, to see how he’d handle limitless power?

Adult story: The Next Door Wolf by DesTodes777

Adult story: The Next Door Wolf

A Family Affair – part 1 by Originsunknown – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

*Another of my mostly sex stories. Part 2 already being written, hope you enjoy!*

Lindas discovery

That’s not to say that I didn’t cum when I did have time to think about it. Over the next week I noticed that my panties had been moved four times and each time I would take those same panties and rub them over my body when I went to bed dreaming about Mark’s cock having been so near. Each time I would rub myself to a nice hard orgasm with my panties still on, leaving a strong scent for Mark to enjoy if he decided to look in the hamper the next day. Maybe that’s why the frequency seemed to increase that last week. But what did I know? Maybe four to five times a week was the norm and I was just now catching on.

Can You Only Watch by MountainDewMan – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

I guess you would say we are about as normal as you get. My name is Shelly Baxter and I’m forty-two. My husband Derek is a mechanic for an auto dealer, and with the economy the way it is he has been as busy as I can ever remember. I work in retail; I am a shift manager at a local big box store. This last year has been the strangest I, and I am sure you, have ever experienced.

Time For Something New by WordWizard55 – Group sex story

She had picked a quaint little place in the middle of nowhere on purpose.

My Mother is a Piss Whore Mom – Chapter 2

A rap on my bedroom door woke me as Ann’s soft voice spoke. “Kevin its me Ann, I need to talk to you. Mom left early. She had to pick someone up at the airport. She told me to wake you at 7:15 its time now…. Can I come in?”

Virginity sex story: From Jack to Jacquie – Part 2

Now if you think the hair was a surprise to me it was nothing to the next stop. We were at the jewelers and standing at the end of the counter under a sign proclaiming “Ear Piercing”. I wanted to turn and run but Mia grabbed my elbow and turned me to the mirror. There were the 2 Mias looking out at us.

Sex stories: The Tutor – Part 1: Savanah and Josh

Sex stories: The Tutor – Part 1: Savanah and Josh

Virginity story: Gray Jedi – Chapter 7B

by auguy86

Free INCEST stories – Grandpas Milk

Incest stories: Grandpa’s Milk – Chapter 1

Skylars Game by Tempest Tree – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age or older. , Visual Stimulation

PASSWORD to my sisters computer by blueheatt – Group sex stories

I was helping my older sister move her computer in her room. I loved doing anything for her, she was so hot and I just loved looking at her body. I was moving all her cords and I moved her monitor. I saw a small slip of paper with my name on it and a number. ‘berry 69’. I moved it too, but remembered it. She walked around in her shorts and tank top as I gazed at her big tits and fine ass. She was two years older than me. She always liked me and we were buddy’s. I had wanked thinking about her for a very long time. She was just plain sexy. I had tried to cop feels on her and make little advances but she was always afraid mom and dad would catch us or find out. She would get excited when I would rub her back or touch her, but quickly broke it off.

Latest fiction & first time story: Master! Master! – Chapter 13.3

by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

Sis Watches by Koyote – Latest sex stories at Erotic

Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Incest, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Virginity story: A welcome guest – Things start to make sense

by Pars001

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