True incest story: Cousin gets little brother high on weed

True incest story: Cousin gets little brother high on weed – Part 1

Erotic stories: One in a Million – Chap 2

Author: Redthorn

Fantasy Erotic Stories 2015 for online reading

Uncle Charlie and my Summer Family – Chapter 1: Return to Arkansas by fuzzybunnylove

Stuck Mom chapter 3 by storycreator7 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Matt continues to manipulate his mom kelli further into different scenarios being stuck. All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction. , Here is the third chapter in the stuck mom series. Hope you all are enjoying it. All characters are over 18 and is a work of fiction. Please don’t copy without authors permission.

Latest incest story: Making Mommy Cum with Friends Help – by tonysex23

“Oh god, yes! Ahhh!” Alice moaned loudly as her son pounded away at her pussy. His cock has never felt so hard and hot inside her. It was a completely new experience. She gently wrapped her arms around Jay’s head and let him take the lead. He was determined to make her feel as good as he possibly could. He clenched his arms tightly behind her back and pounded at her pussy with all his might. His eyes were closed and his breathing rate highly increased. It was quite the exercise, but he didn’t intend on giving up. His mother was the most precious woman in his life and he wanted to finally make her understand just how much he loved her.

Christmas With the Devil by BlackRonin – Group sex story

“Try it once,” said the Krampus. “That’s my motto in life. If you find you don’t like it, then away to some wife. You’ve nothing to lose, neither money nor skin. No one even need know what you’ve done, or where been. It’s a holiday now, and no one‘s about. Enough of your ninnying. Be courageous. Be stout.”

A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 3: Adults sex stories

I’m in college, Mom. I think I can handle more than you. I returned her smile.

First time sex story: Hots for teacher by righthandman

First time story: Hots for teacher

Adult fantasy story: The Ten of Them – Chapter 18

by Hard93

Incestuous Sex is All Around Us – Chap 1 by SusanJillParker

Incestuous Sex is All Around Us, #1

Indecent Proposal – Fantasy sex stories 2015

Fantasy sex stories: Indecent Proposal

Incest sex story: The Chair – Part 1

Incest story: The Chair – Part 1

Fionas & Alices loyalty rewarded with a special party by

I strolled into the lounge swigging on another can and stroking my now solid six incher and sat on the armchair opposite the sofa. Alice was still sprawled across the laps of Robbie, Mark and Ray with one leg on the floor so that her thighs were open, her see through knickers were now, let us say, totally see through because the animals had just tore a hole in the gusset area. Her cunt had three of Ray’s fingers deep inside it whilst Mark was reaching down to rub her throbbing clitoris. Further up her body Robbie was sucking and pulling on her wonderful pink nipples which had made them point up towards the sky. Standing over her head was Ant who had removed his jeans and boxers and was stroking the biggest of the dicks I’d seen on my mate thus far. He had in his right palm a very acceptable eight incher sporting a fairly thick shaft covered in veins and a dark purple helmet. Every now and then he was crouching down and rubbing the length of his shaft across Alice’s mouth until his hairy balls bumped against her smooth cheek. Alice had begun to moan quite loudly as a result of the clitoris stimulation from Mark coupled with the vigorous finger fucking from Ray and I could tell that the little slut was already being worked up into a shuddering climax. Just as her moans got louder and she opened her mouth to scream Ant lunged forward and stifled her moans by lodging his big cock in her throat. Her screams of pleasure were nothing more than a muffled noise as Ants cock spread her lips and slid back and forth over and over again.

Erotic sex stories: Quickie for mom – by eroticbeing

Incest stories: Quickie for mom

Roses Video: Chapter 5: Maria Catches Her Mom by kornslayer – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Maria knocks on her mom’s door and gets a lot more than she bargained for from the knock. , POV: Maria.

The Chauffeur (#19) Diane and a Baby by PABLO DIABLO – Page 4 of 4 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“I know sir. But, I’ve had to take care of Mom for so long, that I probably worry too much,” He tells me in a heartfelt manner.

The Lusty Break by AdultMe – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Business losses are not always unlucky. , Hello Friends,

Cuckold story: Lust Part 1 by Nicky69

Cuckold story: Lust Part 1

ALICIAS STORY by Empress Lainie – Page 8 of 9 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


PAMELA SEB AND DAMIAN by CecilBCK – Group sex stories

When Pamela asked if Seb and I could visit her in her downtown hotel before she left for home, I asked a few standard questions. She was beautifully spoken, though I was a little hesitant when she told me she was almost six-feet tall, a full-size fourteen and fifty-years old. , “Have a look at my business website and you will see some current pics of me in business attire. Now look at the pic I sent to your phone. Have you ever had a woman twice your age?”

Incest stories: Grandpas Milk – Chapter 17

I seem to have gathered a (an impatient!) following! My apologies for making you wait! The first ten stories were pre-written and now I am working chapter to chapter. This is a continuation- with a new friend with interesting endowments and talents. Remember- this is all fantasy fiction! If you don’t like this genre don’t READ it!!

The Clan by donb4103 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

At the end of every year on Boxing Day, there was a camp for boys without dads. They were a group of boys who had been coming for as long as they could remember, and of these there was a strong core group of twenty. It was the last night and the twenty all aged eighteen — who called themselves ‘The Clan’, were gathered in one of the huts. It was a squeeze but they didn’t mind, and were farewelling each other with their ‘party’. They had been going strong for a few hours, and as they ran out of steam they began to talk.

Incest stories: Adult cousins Adult activities – Chap 1B

I had forbidden you from the ‘Hoochie Mama’ section, Jack! Stephanie exclaimed, as Ashley nodded in agreement.

Cuckold sex story 2016: Lust Part 3B

by Nicky69

xxx story 2017: Two Lost Souls – Chapter 1

xxx story: Two Lost Souls – Chapter 1

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