Adult sex stories: The Cheerleader Harem – Part 5

by Rich Richardson

2017 erotic stories: State of Affair – by Hew 180

2017 erotic stories: State of Affair – Chapter 1

Incest stories: Cumming of Age – Chapter 1: Blowing off steam

Incest stories: Cumming of Age – Chapter 1: Blowing off steam

Matthew/Maria by TheAvengedMartyr – Incest sex stories

-This story is true in some aspects, but a lot of it is extremely exaggerated. Thanks, and I really mean it if you have read it thus far. I am a male to female transsexual, but that is all the information I will release about myself- , I’m Matt, now known as Maria, and this is the story of my journey of how I became a shemale, and all the quirks, and bumps in the roads. Now that my name is out of the way, I will explain a little more about myself. I’m a 15 year old male with an unusually small cock at 5 inches, and a index finger girth, along with my premature ejaculation, well how can I say this? My sex life FUCKING sucks. I have long, straight, mid-back length hair. My tiny frame is also a killer, 5’4 and 105 pound’s. As you would expect, most people tower over me, and life in general has just sucked.

First time sex stories: A Family Betrayal – Chap 34B

“ Heath my love did you really mean what you said about not changing a thing?” I ask feeling a little hurt

Family Comes At Dinner by ElijahBaby – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

(This is a story someone commissioned me to write, names have been changed for privacy.)

My Roommate Fucked My Girlfriend

Sex stories: My Roommate Fucked My Girlfriend

Adult sexx story: Adopted by Kaire by bager

Adult story: Adopted – Chap 1

Revenge – Part 7C – The Blood Starts Flowing – xxx story

She sighed with relief as I released her tit and slid my hand down her stomach. Her pussy was soaking wet. I slid two fingers inside and stroked her from within.

Dogs & how to fuck them (for women) by Shaggybob5 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

This is not a story It is information

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Ass

“I love him as a provider and as a person, but I no longer love love him, if that makes any sense,” she explained, her facial expression showing her frustration with her married life.

Sam & Alicia 8 by doz – Group sex stories

Sequel to Sam & Alicia 1-7 , This is the sequel to Sam & Alicia 1 to 7. I suggest that you read them first.

The Chauffeur part 18 – Chap 1: John by PABLO DIABLO – Page 3 of 5 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

“David, for you, I’ll do most anything. I will be happy to keep an eye on both her and Diane, so you don’t have to worry tonight,” she tells me.

The Tails of Master Tram Handler – Chapter 3 – The Hole in my Room Growing Up by FindingSexToo – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Chapter 3 , My name is Tram Handler Rainier and I’ve had quite an interesting sexual upbringing. My parents are, Hort and Cindy and Rainier, And my sister is Amy Rainier. I have the best parents! They are also my best friends and everyone in our family has a great relationship! As you probably notice from the previous chapters, we were raised to be very open with nudity and our sexuality. It was not uncommon for us to shower with the door open, sleep nude, even in the same bed, go to Hot Springs and skinny-dip, and pretty much anything sexual has been allowed to be talked about, and practiced.

The Meeting Chap 2: The Seduction by wife4hungblk – Page 4 of 5 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

She blushed as she averted her gaze from mine and said almost in a whisper, “I’m ashamed to admit this but knowing you were watching a young hard dicked boy fucking me and seeing my inability to keep my composure and then having you in my mouth as he cum in me and all of it taking place in a public parking lot, well, it just overwhelmed me completely. Sex has always been a very private undertaking before in my life and all this has me unable to control the urges and sensations these sights and sounds cause in me. Just talking about this openly has me aroused. Every time I think of your wife and that black man back there in the truck I become overwhelmed again by the desires I feel. I have always been a quite shy and reserved person and now I’m wondering just what all I have missed in my life because of it. I have experienced more sexually, in this one night, than in my whole life and I loved every second of it and that just scares the pants off me….oh my, why would I use that expression?

Pantie Mom – Part 2: Incest sex stories 2015

“See you when I get home, honey.” I leaned over and gave Tim a quick kiss goodbye, and noticed him peeking down my shirt, stealing a brief glimpse of my breasts inside my lacy black bra. Clearly he was still interested in me sexually, and although it made me feel a little guilty, I enjoyed the attention Tim was giving me, and I found myself swinging my hips as I left the room for the front door.

Home coming Surprise by DocWords – Latest incest xxx stories

“Sure, dude. I’ll race you.”

Trapped in a Game Pt. 4.6 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


Joey Finds a New App – Chap 37 by Daddy_0H – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Joey woke up early due to being lodged inside his sister’s pussy. He grew hard while sleeping and found himself slowly sliding his cock in and out of Jane’s pussy. Waking a bit more he became fully aware of where he was and that his cock was still inside of his sister. He moved his free hand to her hip and worked his other hand up her back and held her shoulder as he started rocking his hip to work his dick in and out of her. Immediately, Jane began moaning as Joey stroked her pussy. She reached back and held his hips, then rolled onto her stomach with Joey now on her back. She spread her legs allowing Joey to fall into position with his knees now up against hers and he started fucking her. Slowly at first to get the full range, then he picked up his pace. It felt good to have his sister’s ass pushed up against him as his started plowing into her. He lifted himself up high with his arms and increased his rhythm, aggressively driving his dick into his sister’s pussy. She laid flat with her ass pushed up somewhat to allow Joey a good angle for penetration.

My cuckold experience by Julie_88 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

This is a compilation of emails that my Bull sent to my husband. Most of it is true and actually happened. I wanted to pay my husband back for what he had done. , Julie came to me the other night and I told her to suck my balls so I dropped my pants and held my cock while she sucked on my hairy nuts. that felt so good that i started rubbing my cock across her face for about 15 minutes and when i looked down I had slimed her whole face but she never stopped sucking my balls. It felt so good she really likes sucking my balls she said its something that you want but she doesn’t do for you. So I told her to move down a few inches and lick my ass out and down she went. Her tongue went straight into my ass and boy that felt great. I had her do this for a long time it felt so good. Did you ever think she would suck an ass? And wouldn’t you like to do that for me while she watches?

Prefer To Call It Hubby Swapping – Chapter 3 – by barry240646 – Page 2 of 2 – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading


Angela Discovers Exhibitionism by JBEdwards – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Angela Gradually Curates her Exhibitionism

Big Cock Grad: Housemates by Toro1 – Group sex stories

This story follows the first story in this series: Big Cock Graduate, Big Cock Grad: Sister, and Big Cock Grad: Neighbor. Please read these to better understand the characters.

Karissa Proves the Rumors True by ElijahBaby – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

(This was a story someone commissioned me to write, names have been changed for privacy.)

The Flintstones by TonyZ – Free adult erotic sex stories online reading

Bedrock was never like this before. , The Flintstone’s

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