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I woke up about 30 minutes before the alarm went off. I could tell I had been excited as my penis was leaking. It had leaked through my boxer briefs and onto Meg’s panties. I held her close and started caressing her skin. If felt so soft and inviting. I was daydreaming a bit, thinking about sex and her and all the stuff going on in my head. Today would be no different.
I started sliding my hand down toward her pussy. Just then the alarm went off and she started to stir.
“Patience, you man,” She said as she moved my hand away. “It will come.”
I just smiled and got up. We both showered quickly (separately this time) and headed downstairs. Today we had to clean all the carpets and start painting the walls.
“Jon, I have been saving some news for you.” Meg said with a smile
“What is that Meg?” I asked
“I spoke to Mr. Shanty, I hate that bitch Carol anyway, and told him I needed you here to help me get my house ready to sell. He said that was fine with him. He seemed fairly nice. I also told him that I needed you to stay here with me for the next couple of weeks. There was a lot of painting and cleaning and other stuff that needed to be done before we left.” She said
“Wow. Thank you so much.” I said
“You know, Mr. Shanty knows something is up. When I said we, he gave me this blank stare. I told him that Mr. Mugsy and I were leaving. He then changed his tone. So all is going to be fine. You never have to go back there if you want.” Meg said smiling.
All the work I had done to figure out how to survive for 2 more weeks was now for nothing. I was so happy. This was going to be the best time ever.
We started early. Moving furniture, moving Mr Mugsy’s bed. Clearing out the entire living room. Nothing was in there except drink cups on the floor, the carpet shampooer, and paint supplies. Meg ran the shampooer over the carpet. My job was to put this blue tape stuff over everything that was not supposed to be Titanium white again. It took us both about 45 minutes to get all this done. After she finished, we went to the guest bedroom. The carpet in the living room needed an hour to dry.
It was another hot day already. Even though we were inside, it was still not. I took off my shirt and started to move things from the guest bedroom, through the hallway, to the office. I had moved everything, but the stuff that was too big to easily move. I caught Meg staring at me again. I thought I might have a little game of it.
“Owwwww, that stare is burning me.” I said jokingly
“Oh, sorry, Jon, It’s just your muscles, and the sweat glistening from your…” Her voice trailed off a bit…
“I was just teasing. Is there anything I can do for YOU, at this moment.” I said with a smile
“Oh no, just keep doing what your are doing, That works just fine.” She grinned
“What do I get then? You get to watch a handsome man (her words) walk around with his shirt off. What do I get?” I asked
“You will find out later. Patience young man.” She said with a grin on her face.
We headed back down stairs to check the carpet. It felt dry.
“Jon, We work on the painting now. Bring that towel over here. We need to put it down and out into the room about 5 feet so it can catch any splatters. We will tape it to other part before starting.” She said
I grabbed the giant sheet and moved it to the place we were going to start from. I bent down to tape it to the tape already down. As I was trying to tape the last corner I felt a hand fondling my balls.
“Why did you stop? You haven’t finished getting the taping done yet.” Meg said with a huge smile
“Umm, I got distracted a bit.” I sad trying to think of something witty to say.
“Really. So this distracts you.” She said groping my penis and balls again.
“Umm hummm.” was all I cold manage
“Oh, then, I am sorry, now get back to work.” she whacked me on the butt with a towel.
“Ow.” I said with a smile.
We worked on the first section of the living room. It was going to be a big job. I was not sure we would get it and the guest room done today. As we finished up that section and took a short break, I stared at Meg this time. She had been bending over the whole time. I could tell she had no panties on as I could see her lips flash me on occasion just to tease me.
“Lets take a little break, Jon. You want anything to drink.” She asked me
“A little pussy juice would be nice.” I shot back.
“Oh, what’s the matter, can’t handle a little show on the side.” She said with a grin
“Not really, I am so excited now, I might shoot off in m ypants.” I said embarrassed a bit.
“Oh really, good then. That means I have your full attention when we are working.” She said
“Only when I am not dreaming about your pussy you just flashed me.” I said laughing.
She walked over to me and gave me a small kiss. The electric shock from it was enough to make my penis uncomfortable. She leaned against me and looked into my eyes.
“Well, then, we cannot have you completely distracted while we are trying to work, now can we?” She said to me
“I guess not.” I said
Meg dropped to her knees, released my penis from its prison and sucked it into her mouth. I am sure it was completely covered with precum by now. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long at all. Her expert mouth sucked me up and down about 5 inches of my shaft. She had tried to take all 8 inches the day before but could not. She applied just the right amount of pressure to my penis and bam. I shot off in her mouth. Wave after wave of hot cum slid into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed until every drop was gone.
“Well that ought to hold you for another couple hours.” She said with a smile. “Now, lets get back to work on the second section.
I stood there for a minute or two not knowing what to say. It was incredible.
The next 2 sections went off without much more fan fare. It was getting near to lunch time and we had finished about ¾ of the living room. While we took another break from painting, we went to the spare room and moved the dresser and heavy bed frame into the office. Then we took a break for lunch.
“Wow, Jon, you are a strong worker. We are way ahead of schedule for today.” She said looking at the work we had done so far.
“Thank you.” I don’t mess around I said
“You don’t.” She said pouting. “I thought you wanted to taste me later.”
“Not that silly, I mean I get my work done.” I said busting out laughing
“Oh good, I was looking forward to more fun later if we finish on time.” She said
We grabbed a sandwich and I took Mugsy outside to do his thing. I was ready to get back to work. We finished up the painting on the living room. Meg said we did a good job. While the last of the paint was drying, we went into the guest room. By now, it was completely empty. I carried the carpet cleaner up the stairs and Meg worked on the carpets. I asked her about the painter’s tape and she said not yet. So, I went over and played with Mugsy for a few minutes.
“You taking a break now I guess.” She said
“You didn’t give m anything else to do.” I said back
Her beautiful smile told me she was teasing me. She always knew exactly what expressions to use to make me feel so welcome.
“Do I need to get something else done? I have moved all the stuff out of that room. You said no tape yet. You didn’t say anything about starting another room.” I said
She looked at me trying to justify things. She couldn’t help but smile a little more.
“Lighten up, Jon. You are doing great. Keep smiling and come help me for a minute.” She said
I followed her up the stairs to the guest room. She motioned for me to move the carpet cleaner down again to the kitchen for now. The carpet was still damp and would need more time to get done. I followed her into the bedroom. That was the only place other than the kitchen table we had to sit for now.
“I am pooped Jon. We need to take a break for awhile. I don’t mean a few minutes. I mean like until after dinner.” She said
“Ok, Sounds good to me. I need a shower then.” I said “And you are coming with me.”
I stood up Meg from the bed and picked her up. I carried her to the bathroom and turned on the water. I stripped her clothes off slowly savoring all of her curves. I opened the door tot he shower and led her in. I then slipped out of my clothes and hopped in as well.
“MMM water feels nice.” She said
“It does, shimmering off of your body, it looks beyond words.” I said
Something happened right there. I really do not know. Was it the head of the moment about to happen? Was it planned. If it was planned Meg never ever told me.
Meg grabbed my head and pulled our lips together. We had a passionate kiss. Tongues intertwining, wet bodies pressed against each other. After the long kiss, I brought myself free and slid to my knees. I tasted her flesh. Her pussy was wet. Not really water wet, it was pussy juice wet. I licked her pussy for a few minutes. I still was not very good at it. I slid my finger into her opening and sucked just below her clit. She started rocking a bit to the motions. I would occasionally flick my tongue across her clit and send shivers up her legs. I could tell I was not making any head way and was getting a bit frustrated. I so wanted to get her off every time I licked her. It was a personal challenge.
Then, without warning, the unexpected happened. She pulled me away and lifted me up. She bent over toward the front of the shower. She looked back and me and whispered
“Jon, I need you now. Please fuck me.”
I was in shock. My penis was at full attention. I slowly slid it to the edge of her opening. The water and her juices meant I was well lubricated. I slid in slowly at first. The feel was indescribable. I slid my penis in and out going about ½ way in every time. She started pushing back against me. I took that as her needing more. I put my hands on her sexy hips and eased myself all the way in until I could feel my body against her butt.
“Oh god, Please, Jon, fuck me. Oh please.” she begged me
I picked up the pace a bit. I was surprised I hadn’t already shot off inside her. I had a moderately steady pace. I watched my penis slide in and out of her tight wet pussy. I would put all of it in her and she would groan. Finally I felt her bucking a bit more. I quickened my pace again and by now was going fast. I could feel my body wanting to get ready for release. Just then.
“Oh, god Jon, I am cumming, ,fuck me hard, please, fuck me hard.” She said almost out of breath
I went as hard as I could. Slamming my entire shaft inside her. She was now moving faster and groaning loudly. I felt her slow down her pace, so I slowed mine down to match her. Another minute later.
“I am going to cum soon, Meg, where should I shoot it.” I asked her
“Oh hun, right there, please fill up my pussy with your cum.” She begged
That was all I needed. I looked down and the site of my dick sliding in and out all the way was not too much. I shot a big load into her. It seemed to go on for a minute or longer before it stopped. I slowed my pace to a stop and held my penis inside her. After a couple of minutes it was too soft to stay in and fell out with a plop.
We cleaned ourselves up and finished our shower. I carefully dried off Meg and then myself. We put on some light clothes and headed back to the bedroom to sit.
“What just happened?” I said not wanting seem dumb
“What do you mean?” Meg said to me
“I know what we did. I am not that naive. But what just happened?” I reiterated
“That, young man, it was is called the heat of the moment.” She smiled “I am sorry though that your first time was in the shower..”
“Well I am not, that was. I have no words. Thank you so much.” I said
“Well, we are going to do it proper next time.” She smiled
“Next time?” I like the sound of that.” I said
“Yes, me too. That cock of yours is nice and big.” She said with a dreamy look in her eyes.
I have no idea where the time went, but it was now dinner time. I was starving. I could eat almost anything at this point.
“How hungry are you?” Meg asked me
“The hungriest I have been since I started working with you.” I said
“Ok, where would you like to go to eat.” She said
“Somewhere I can eat all I want and not cost you too much money.” I said
“Ok, you like pizza, lets go there.” She said
“Sounds good.” I said
We drove over to the pizza place on the other side of town. I asked her to go there because I wanted to talk on the way.
“Meg.” I said
“Yes Jon,” She replied back.
“I have been thinking about stuff.” I said
“Ok.” She replied
“Why are you doing this for me? Is to just help me out? Or are you wanting me for yourself. If the truth be told. I hope it is that you wanted a young male to have around. Someone that will be with you and not be bitchy like some guys can be. I really hope that is it.” I said
“Jon. My dear Jon. When I first met you. The day Mugsy got out. I saw the way you looked at him. Like he was a long lost friend. I had heard from Timmy, the oldest there, in talking on day, that they treated you like shit. Almost like a common slave. I knew then I needed to help you.. “She started
“I understand.” I said
“Let me finish please. That first day you came to help me. You took off your shirt and something happened inside me. I am 27 years old. I haven’t been on a date since a messy breakup 4 years ago. I could not handle the constant demands for sex from him. Every day, over and over. It was just too much. I gave you the blowjob to see how it affected you. Were you going to demand that every time I saw you, or was it just a tool for pleasure. The night you licked me for the first time. I knew right then, that I needed you. I needed someone young, with no real ideas of what was supposed to happen. I wanted someone to teach. You beat me to the punch. I am now lusting for you night and day. That is why I made the arrangements to get you out of there. I need you. I hope you understand.” She said, almost in tears.
“Meg. Thank you. It means a lot to me. That you would trust me. I now understand why you push me away. I had kind of wondered about that. I want to please you but also get an education.” I said
“First Jon, I push you away, not because of that, but because I want your first time to be mind blowing. Every first time. Once those are over, then we can do the little things that couples do to help each other.” She said
Before I could respond the pizza place was in site. Buffets are nice. I must have eaten 15 pieces of pizza for dinner. We laughed and talked for most of the hour we were there. As it was time to leave, I asked if the manger was in. Our waitress, who was the one that must have thought I was slow last time, was very friendly this time.
“Hello sir. My name is Jon. I will be moving to this side of town in a couple of weeks. Do you have any jobs that an able bodies 16 year old can do to earn some money.” I asked him
“Hello Jon. I will have to look. I think we do have one job as a dish washer that will be coming available soon. Is there a number I can reach you back at when I find out?” the man said
“Sure, 555-2817” Meg chimed in.
“Ok thanks, Miss. I will be in touch Jon.” he said back
Meg shot me this look. I have no idea what the look was about.
“What.” I said
“Jon. Did you just ask for a job?” she asked me
“I did. Is there anything wrong with wanting to help out with the bills and have some money saved up.” I asked her
“No, sir. You made me very proud just then.” She said almost with a tear in her eye.
We paid for dinner and headed back to the car for a long ride back to Meg’s house. I was going to get to spend the night tonight with her again. Then off to school to finish the last couple of weeks.
“How much school do you have left.” Meg asked me on the way home.
“I graduate this year.” I said
“Really? You are only 16.” She said
“Yes, I know. I have been doing a lot of extra work. Taking the full class load. I could stick around for another year, but wanted to be out of school so I could pursue college.” I said
“College.” She said
“Yes. I have already been accepted to Danvers, for the fall. I was going to use the money I made during the summer to figure out some sort of way to get to school. It is only a couple of miles from the pizza place, so I figured I could walk if we lived close to it.” I said
“No walking for you young man. We will figure out something.” Meg said
We got back home. Mr Mugsy was happy to see us. I took him outside and then back in to Meg.
“Jon, I am just too tired to work on this any longer. Let’s let paint and carpets dry and we can continue on this tomorrow.” She said
“Ok, I have a lot of homework on Monday’s so I will do my best to help.” I said
“Ok.” was all she said
Meg went to the bedroom to get undressed and into something more comfortable she said. Is that a code word for naked I thought to myself.
“Jon, hun, can you come and help me please.” Meg commanded
I walked up the stairs and turned the corner into the room and stopped in sheer amazement. Meg was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had on a black bra, it short of pushed her breasts together. She had on black panties. The panties appears to be lace or something like it. She had on black stocking. There were 4 little clips on the stockings that went to a sort of black piece of clothing above her waist. I got an instant hard on.
“Do you like, Jon? I picked them out especially for you.” She said with a smile.
I saw her glance down at my crotch a few times, so I knew she had her answer. She was just waiting for my reply.
“I have no words.” I said
“Aww, cat got your tongue?” she teased
“I don’t know what to say. Part of me wants to just stare at you forever. That outfit is so hot. The other part of me wants to rip it off and have sex with you until I can’t go any longer.” I said as my heart rate became noticeably more labored.
“I see your cock approves” She smiled and stared
“That is does.” I replied
After a couple of moments of silence, I spoke again
“So, what are you going to teach me tonight.” I asked
“Tonight’s lesson is this. Sometimes it’s not about you.” She said
I was eager to learn.
She motioned me to the side of the bed. She slowly slid my shirt off. Savoring every inch of my chest she loved so well. She next took off my shoes and socks. My pants followed and my boxer briefs. After I was completely naked, she spoke.
“Jon, you will not be tasting, touching or otherwise fondling me tonight. It will be my job to pleasure you. I want you to enjoy. Have patience, your time will come.” She said as she relaxed and motioned me onto the bed.
The first thing she did was tie my hands to the posts of her bed. Next she put on a blindfold. She told me this was so I would not be able to touch her. By now I though my cock (she asked me to call it that now, not a penis), was almost coming out of its skin. As I lie there, with lots of anticipation, she started. Saying that she wanted tonight to last, she grabbed my cock in her hands.
She used both hands to milk me to the edge. As usual, it was less than 2 minutes. Especially with the thoughts of that outfit still fresh in my head. Just as I was ready to explode, she slid her mouth over me and sucked me dry. I could here her swallowing and making a purring sound. Like a cat with a bowl of milk.
There was silence for a couple of minutes. Then I felt her hands back on my ball sack. She kneaded it until I started to spring back to life. She lowered her head again to my cock. This time was different thought. She would slide down the shaft until she started to gag a bit. She would then ease back up. Several attempts at this happened. I could tell she was getting closer. I think she might have manged to get 6 inches in there before she gagged and stopped again. By now I was raging hard again.
I felt her body moving up mine. She grabbed my cock again. This time with a tight grip. Next thing I know, I feel her pussy lips against the tip. She rubbed me against her soaking wet pussy for a few seconds then inserted it inside her. She slowly lowered herself until I felt her butt resting on my crotch area. It was heaven. She was squeezing me with her muscles inside her pussy. A moment or 2 later, she started moving up and down on my cock. If felt so different that earlier. She “rode” me as she later called in for only 3 or 4 minutes before I was ready to cum.
“Meg, it is getting close.” I said
“Silence, Jon. Just enjoy this.” She said
With that I exploded inside her pussy. It was the biggest load yet. I could feel some of it pooling down at the base of my cock. After she had milked all of it out of me that I had. She slowly lifted up and cleaned up the stuff that dripped out onto my crotch.
Still tied up, she left me for a few minutes. I have no idea how long. In a way I felt helpless and excited beyond belief still. I was actually having sex with a real woman. Me. I did not know what to think or say,
Just then, I heard the bathroom door open. I had not heard it close, but maybe I wasn’t coherent at the time. Moments passed. I felt something or someone get on the bed. I was hoping it was Meg. I did not dare say anything thought.
I now felt the unmistakable hand of Meg. It was soft and inviting. I was starting to stir again. I had reached about 75 percent hardness when the blindfold was taken off. I was able to recover my vision quickly. Meg was there with noting but the garter as she called it and the stocking still on.
“Jon, If you promise to not touch my pussy with your hands or tongue, I will release you. But You have to promise. It is important for the rest of the training to take place.” She said with a grin
“I promise.” I said
She untied my arms. They were not tied tight or anything like that. It was more for show.
“The next lesson for tonight, if your body is up to it, is called doggie style.” She said
I kind of had an idea on that one already. She lifted up on all 4s and I slipped behind her. I could see her pussy was still dripping wet, so I moved my cock to her opening and slowly slid it in. As I nudged past the mid point. She spoke
“Jon, part of pleasing a woman is pace. Going hard and fast all the time is a bummer to a girl. So, I want you to change your pace, don’t just jackhammer into me. Sometimes a good steady pace is the best and hottest for both.” She said
I understood her completely. I did let my cock get all the way in. That feeling is just so hot. I slowly slid back out most of the way, then slowly, all the way in. I did this several times. I then changed and went in about 50 or so percent, but moved to where it was a few strokes a minute. She responded by arching her back a little and moaning. The slow steady pace was a huge turn on. I would speed up for a short time, but not too fast, the slow back down. I wanted this to last longer. For some unknown reason, I reached out and grabbed her hair. I didn’t pull hard but I did pull a little bit.
“Oh god, Jon, yes.” She whimpered
I would do it a couple of times then release. After 5 or 6 maybe 10 minutes like this I was about to shoot. I warned her.
“Meg, I am about to cum again.” I said “ Where do you want it?”
“Jon, pull out before you are ready.” she growled
“Ok I am ready.” I said in a huff
I slid out and she turned toward me quickly.
“OK please Jon, shoot it on my face and tits.” She demanded
I only got off 3 maybe 4 strokes before it shot. The first shot hit her squarely on her closed mouth. The second on on her left breast. The 3rd and 4th ones hit near her eyes and in her hair. I manged 2 more shorts, somewhere between her neck and breasts and I was done.
“Wow, that was so hot,” I said
“Yeah, A wonderful hot sticky mess.” She said cooing
“Do, we need to clean it up?” I asked
“Are you done?” she replied
“I hope not,” I said
“Then, no, I will just massage it into my skin and move on.” She smiled happily.
My last “lesson” for the day was “spooning” as she called it. She used her hands and mouth this time to get me hard 1 last time. It took her quite awhile compared to normal. After she had me really hard. She sat by my side. We bot laid down. She lifted up her leg and guided my into her waiting pussy in the position like we sleep holding each other.
I moved my cock in and out of her slowly. She told me that was best, especially if you are waking someone up like this. Get them warmed up a bit. I started picking up my pace a little bit into it. I held her, careful not to touch her breasts or pussy like she asked me. I was going at a moderate pace. I could fell that I was starting to stir a bit. I knew it would not be much longer.
To my surprise, just before I was ready to shoot my load, Meg grabbed my hand draped over her and put it on her breast. I massaged it and it sent me over the edge. I came inside her without warning. It only came 4 or 5 times, but it was a hard cum.
I was mortified. I came inside her without asking. Is she going to be mad at me? Did she have other ideas? I didn’t know.
“Jon, that was so hot and so romantic. Unless your girl does not want you to come inside her, that feeling is the best in this position. Thank you.” She said
“Ok, it is I that should be giving thanks, Meg. This is the most incredible night of my life.” I said
With few more words, it was off to sleep. Both of us cleaned up a bit, then slept naked for the first time.
To be continued.
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